Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 21st 2022 Written Updates: Disaster in the house.

Following the strenuous job inside the house, another episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has been finished. The members of the red team won the game, while the blue team lost. The house then experienced unusual events. Check out today’s events in the house.

Vasanthi is a nominee for the upcoming week

The blue team members were requested by Bigg Boss to select the member of their group who should be nominated straight as a housemate. Satya, Arjun, Surya, Geethu, Vasanthi, Marina, and Rohith were the team members. They had a lot of insightful chats together. Arjun was nominated by Satya, and Arjun responded in kind. Geethu then stepped in and claimed that both of them were playing it safe.

The topic finally reached Vasanthi after considerable discussion. She became irate and declared that she would nominate herself. She believed that the housemates were still engaging in political games even after they had finished the game.

Disaster at house

When the housemates arrived in the garden area, Bigg Boss asked them to identify this week’s disaster roommate. Revanth was the goal of Satya and Arjun, but Vasanathi received the majority of the votes. She was targeted here once more, and she was later imprisoned.

Vasanthi thought Geethu was enticing everyone to one particular goal. She attributed this to Geethu. The weekend episode will air tomorrow, and it will be intriguing.

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