Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 19th October 2022 Written Updates: Food Problems

As a result of the housemates receiving harsh punishment from the Bigg Boss for failing to complete their jobs effectively and the cancellation of the captaincy contenders game, the Bigg Boss house is currently in a severe state. The roommates were then subjected to some punishments. Check out today’s events in the house.

Thieves in the house

The housemates were asked by Bigg Boss to spend some time in the bedroom. Then the doors were shut, and some burglars entered the house through the front door and stole all the food. They left the house while leaving every food item in the store room. There was nothing left for the residents. The announcement that the housemates must complete certain household chores before receiving food followed.

Playing Kabaddi

The teams that were split earlier this week are still together. In this job and the game of Kabbadi, the housemates participated. First, the Surya team won the match and was entitled to the food. The Revanth team won the tug of war game that followed, and they also received food.

Geethu and Adi Reddy will receive punishment

The housemates are not being addressed directly by Bigg Boss. He uses letters to deliver his directives. when Adi Reddy won the food assignment. The fact that the food cannot be shared with others was made very plain. However, Geethu once more breached a house rule by stealing some of the food.

After that, Bigg Boss punished Geethu and Adi Reddy. In other words, they must clean all of the Annapurna Studios’ equipment.

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