Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 22nd 2022 Written Updates: Deserving and Un-Deserving

Another week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has come to a close, and to be honest, this week has been difficult for the viewers due to the Bigg Boss’s criticism of them for failing to complete the chores. The pals have gotten into arguments. Many unusual things took place in the house during the weekend episode. Let’s investigate, shall we?

Revanth, Arjun, and Satya Issue

As soon as he took the stage, Nagarjuna spoke to the housemates about the previous week’s events. The Revanth, Arjun, and Satya issue was one of the crucial topics he brought up with the housemates. when Arjun was addressed as “Pappu” by Revanth. Why don’t you say something to Revanth, Satya advised Arjun. After that, Arjun’s response caused a significant divide between them.

Revanth was advised by Nagarjuna not to use such language inside the home. Arjun received an apology from Revanth, and the problem has been resolved. However, it appears that Revanth and Arjun have made the decision to cut off communication.

Deserving & Un-deserving

Then Nagarjuna summoned each of the housemates individually into the confessional and questioned them about who was the most deserving and the least deserving. For the deserving, Srihan received the most votes, while Marina received the most votes for the undeserving. Following the voting, Nagarjuna split the house into two sections. Both deserve and do not deserve.

Revanth, Geethu, Srihan, and Surya were the members of the worthy section. It was Raj, Vasanthi, Arjun, and Marina in the deserving. The remaining residents maintained their neutrality.

Rumor has it that Arjun was kicked out of the house. For additional updates, bookmark this page:

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