Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 23rd, 2022 Written Updates: Arjun Kalyan eliminated.

Season 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu. Sunday The performance had a lot of fantastic things happen on funday. This past Sunday was a Diwali celebration, and everyone in the house had a great time. Check out today’s events in the house.

Jhansi Promotions

After wishing the housemates a Happy Diwali and opening the show with an incredible song, several enjoyable games were played within the house. Anjali attended the show to promote her forthcoming web series Jhansi, which will premiere on Disney+Hotstar on October 27, 2022. Couples were divided up in the home, with Bala Aditya serving as the sanchalak.

The housemates were given dance items to utilise with them. The player with the fewest points will be eliminated from the contest. Srihan and Inaya were eliminated in the opening round.

Special Performance by Sreeram Chandra

Sreeram Chandra, a former participant from the Bigg Boss house, enlivened the programme with his incredible singing. The male competitors were then instructed to don feminine attire. The participants were then awarded their scores by Sreeram Chandra and Nagarjuna.

The researcher Hyper Aadi

As a scientist, Hyper Aadi appeared on the show and interacted with the contestants. He provided them with some insightful advice about how to improve their performance and meet audience expectations. Even though this segment was entertaining, Hyper Aadi made it very clear that the housemates weren’t carrying out their duties correctly.

Kaarthi in the House

As a part of the Sardar spy thriller movie’s marketing campaign. P.S. Mithran, Kaarthi, and the movie’s lead heroine attended the performance. Kaarthi’s presence on stage alongside Nagarjuna made him very happy, and he commented that the film is a smash hit.

The music guessing game with pictures was then played by the housemates. Revanth-Faima, Sri Satya-Surya, and Rohith-Marina won the game in this round, qualifying them for the following round.

Blindfold Sweets

Revanth-Faima, Sri Satya-Surya, Rohith-Marina, and they played the blindfold game in the final round. In order to play this game, one must close their eyes and feed the two players a candy. Sri Satya-Surya were the game winners in this episode and received the Bigg Boss Diwali Kanuka.

Eliminating Arjun Kalyan

Vasanthi and Arjun Kalyan were the last two to be eliminated. Nagarjuna maintained two flower pots on the stage for this scene. It doesn’t matter whose flower pot is lit up. Arjun Kalyan was banished from the house after Vasanthi’s flower pot caught fire. After his defeat, Sri Satya and Revanth started to cry.

That was the conclusion of the Sunday Funday Diwali episode. It will be interesting to see the nominations that will be made tomorrow.

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