Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 29th, 2022 Written Updates: RJ Surya Eliminated

Another weekend of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has passed, and this time the host Nagarjuna was on fire. He left no room for the housemates to have a conversation about themselves. The episode also has a surprising element. Check out what occurred in the house.

Nagarjuna fire on Geethu

Nagarjuna talks to the roommates after seeing Friday’s programme before firing on Geethu. The result of the game didn’t make him happy. He first spoke with Adi Reddy and Geethu. when Nagarjuna and Adi Reddy were discussing his appraisal of their game. Nagarjuna had already advised Geethu not to intervene in the middle, but she still tried to do so. He is warning her once again at this point.

Sanchalaks shouldn’t be participating in games, according to Nagarjuna, who compared them to umpires. Geethu then said that she wants to spice up the game. Then Nagarjuna asked, “Who are you to spice up the game?” The game will be handled by the Bigg Boss and his staff. He was enraged at Geethu’s approach to the game.

Nagarjuna requested that Captain Srihan punish her. She said that she had OCD and cannot clean other people’s utensils when Srihan made her wash them as punishment. Then Nagarjuna gave her a choice between cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. She picked cleaning the restroom. She must only perform that task till Bigg Boss gives her the go-ahead to stop.

Following that, Nagarjuna spoke to the housemates about their game and requested that they award points to their playing partner.

RJ Surya was eliminated

Following Nagarjuna’s lengthy discourse with his housemates. The enominated housemates were requested to stand up by Nagarjuna. Everyone rose to their feet since they were being nominated. Then Nagarjuna declared that there would be no saving process because direct elimination already existed. Whoever’s name appears on the scroll that he has in his hand will be eliminated.

RJ Surya was booted out of the house. Raj, Faima, Keerthi, Inaya, and Revanth all sobbed for him. After he was eliminated, Inaya in particular sobbed a lot. He will go on stage and address the housemates in the episode that airs on Sunday. The Saturday episode finished in this manner.

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