Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 51 Highlights: Nominations Continued In The House Today

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has reached 50 days in the house, and many intriguing things have occurred in the house during the last several days. Yesterday, we witnessed some violent arguments in the home, and today will be no different. For the sake of the audience, the program was separated into two parts, so let’s see what happened in the house.

Highlights In The Nominations

Goutham vs. Prashanth- Yesterday, we saw Goutham nominate Prashanth for not acting appropriately in the house, and as usual, Prashanth kept blabbering. Prashanth nominated Goutham today. Most of us assumed Prashanth’s nomination was motivated by vengeance, but there was more to it.

Prashanth didn’t like how Goutham was portraying things in the house about others, and there were some heated arguments in the house. Goutham literally warned you not to come inside and talk like this. However, Prashanth responded that he would continue to be himself.

Amar versus Bhole Shavali versus Prashanth Prashanth nominated Amar for making fun of him and failing to play the game properly. Amar responded, “You’re flying high because of the two hands behind you.” Amar was obliquely referring to Shivaji and Yawar. Then Shivaji stepped in and said, “We can see who is supporting who in the house,” and he didn’t require any confirmation.

Bhole Shavali interrupted the talk in the middle of it. Then Amar became enraged and kicked the chair over. He stated that no one could ever get rid of him in the house and that he would win the cup and depart. It appeared angry and overconfident. But we’re hoping for another strong performance from Amar.

More serious squabbles have erupted between Ashwini and Teja. Despite the fact that Teja humorously attempted to develop a relationship between Bhole and Ashwini. But she took it very seriously and stated that Teja has no right to speak anything about her, and this time the nominations were really on fire. But the big news in the house is that Sandeep Master, who had previously not been nominated, has now been nominated. According to Yawar, he believes Sandeep Master is playing the safe game and has not yet been seen in public. So he’s curious to see how Sandeep Master handles the pressure of nominations.

As of now, Bhole Shavali has received the most votes (5 votes), while Ashwini has received 4 votes. The newcomers are having a particularly difficult time in the house. Let us now wait and see what occurs in the home tomorrow, as the captaincy assignment begins. Stay tuned for additional information.

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