Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 64 Highlights: Bigg Boss Rajyam Nominations In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Week 10 has arrived, and this might be a family week and an emotional week in the house for the housemates, as family members normally arrive in the 10th week. Tasty Teja was evicted from the home yesterday, and the entire house was sad at his departure. Today, as part of the Bigg Boss Ritual, there will be nominations in the house, and this time will be unique, exciting, and heated. Let’s see what occurs today at the house.

Bigg Boss Rajyam In The House

In Bigg Boss, it is Bigg Boss Rajyam, and this time there will be different nominations. The lads in the home are not permitted to nominate the girls in the house. They must choose from amongst themselves. Because the girls in the house are Bigg Boss Rajamathas, and the nominated guys must act out the nominations as if it were a Royal Court. The rock contains two swords, and whomever takes the swords out will be eligible for nomination in the house.

To be honest, it was rather boring, and there were no huge clashes between the boys throughout the nominations. Only Gowtham kept repeating that Shivaji had targeted him, and he interjected his occupation into the argument. Even Shivaji made a clear and concise nomination in the house, and he is feeling a lot better now that his hand is back in shape, and we may see the best of Shivaji in the coming days.

Apart from these, there are no major squabbles in the house. Surprisingly, Amar and Prashanth made calmer nominations and reactions in the house. During the Rajamatha judgements, Shobha and Priyanka absolutely dominated the judgement, whereas Ashwini and Rathika attempted to do so but were unsuccessful. Finally, Ashwini attempted to break free and reveal his genuine character. She felt she was being overpowered and kept shouting until everything else dropped out of the race for her. She pretended to touch Shobha and Priyanka’s feet.

It was a publicity stunt, and Ashwini was plainly playing the compassion card in the home.

Rajamathas Have To Nominate Amongst Themselves

Now it was the turn of the boys. It is now up to the Rajamathas to make their selections. Priyanka and Shobha nominated Rathika because they believed she kept stating she would show herself but didn’t even bother to play the game properly. Rathika tried to argue but it was futile. She is attempting to demonstrate her strength, but it is not working, and she will most likely be a target for removal from the house.

Rathika was eventually nominated in the house. Finally, Ashwini broke free from her so-called poised girl and shouted at Priyanka, claiming that she had been bearing all the nominations and dominance from them, and she continued to shout and shout. We’ll have to wait and see what Nagarjuna says in the weekend program.

Nominated Contestants In The House Now

Shivaji, Yawar, Gautham, Bhole Shavali, and Rathika are the Nominated Contestants in the House. It’s going to be a tough battle, and we’ll have to wait and watch who is kicked out of the home.

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