Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 65 Highlights: Family Week Has Begun In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and it is Day 65 in the house. We saw some fights, allegations, and nominations in the house yesterday, and it is finally going to calm down now, but it is going to be an emotional ride for the contestants because this is a family week in the house, and many family members will be visiting. So, let’s take a look at what happened in the house.

Shivaji’s Elder Son Came Into The House

Bigg Boss assigned an interesting duty to the housemates before the arrival of the family. The house will be converted into a school. Bhole Shavali is the singing teacher, Shivaji is the acting teacher, and the housemates have been assigned varied roles for amusement purposes. The Bigg Boss, as in past seasons, will issue commands by stating Rewind, Forward, Stop, Fast Forward, and so on. Before the family arrived, the same thing happened in the house.

After the assignment was completed, Bigg Boss summoned Shivaji to the medical room for a routine check-up. Then a doctor examined Shivaji’s hand and stated that he would be ready to play the game in about a week. The doctor addressed Shivaji “Nanna” as he was ready to go, and Shivaji turned around to see his eldest son dressed as a doctor. Shivaji was overcome with emotion and sobbed uncontrollably while hugging his kid. He introduced his son to every one of the housemates, who were overjoyed. Shobha, in particular, was eager to participate because she recognized it was going to be a family week, and she was looking forward to seeing her family in the house.

Arjun’s Wife Surekha In The House

After a while, the game proceeded in the house, and when Bigg Boss yelled, “Freeze in the house,” everyone in the house did. Surekha, Arjun’s wife, entered the house. Arjun rushed to his wife and held her hard. She is 7 months pregnant and was overjoyed to see her spouse.

She wished for him to react to the circumstances and play the game more effectively. Then Bigg Boss invited Seemantham inside the house, and all of the housemates danced around the couple, creating a magical moment in the house. Arjun, too, shed a few tears.

Ashwini’s Mother In The House

Ashwini’s mother arrived during the freeze, and when she saw Ashwini, she hugged her and sobbed. Ashwini was overcome with emotion at the house and couldn’t stop crying. She was saddened by the fact that the housemates had singled her out and said hurtful things to her.

Ashwini admitted that she almost wanted to leave the house, but she persisted and enjoyed many emotional moments with her mother. The most consistent theme in all of the entries is Shobha’s joys and feelings; she continues asking all of the family members to hint at what is going on in the house.

More family members will arrive at the house tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for additional information.

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