Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 66 Highlights: The Family Week Continues

It’s Day 66 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, and the family week is underway in the house. We witnessed the entry of Arjun’s wife, Ashwini’s mother, and Shivaji’s son into the home yesterday. There will be a lot more family members visiting the house today, so it will be an emotional occasion with some entertaining and fascinating moments in store for you. So, let’s dive right into the details:

Gowtham’s Mother In The House

Gowtham’s mom’s voice came over the speakers as Bigg Boss told the inmates to freeze. Gowtham heard her voice right away and began searching for her.

She still didn’t enter the house, though. A few minutes later, Gowtham’s mother entered the house through the opening door. Gowtham lost it in the house and started crying uncontrollably.

He needed some time to return to his regular state. Gowtham’s mother was kind to everyone in the house, even using her hands to feed the entire occupant population. We had a really lovely time together in the house. Yawar in particular lost it when she saw Gowtham’s mother. He also shed a lot of tears.

Priyanka’s Boyfriend Shiva Kumar In The House

Shiva Kumar, Priyanka’s boyfriend, entered the house and offered her a rose right away after bending down to greet her. She gave him a firm hug, and he repeatedly kissed her forehead.

In the house, they had a great time. As is well known, Shiva Kumar is an actor who appears in serials. Following her departure from the Bigg Boss house, they intend to tie the knot. Shiva Kumar has obviously been missed by Priyanka, who didn’t want him to leave at all. Before he left the house, she gave him a tight hug.

Bhole Shavali’s Wife In The House

Ultimately, Bhole Shavali’s spouse entered the home at the end of the day, and we could observe from yesterday onwards that Bhole was experiencing intense emotional reactions due to the presence of other roommates’ families. He was also very emotional when his wife entered the house today.

After some discussion on his games, she claimed he was doing well and advised him to keep up the excellent work. She also gave all of the other housemates their meals with her hands before leaving.

Many more family members will arrive tomorrow, and in the middle of everything, a new captain will also be appointed. Tomorrow, let’s see what goes on in the house. Keep checking back for updates.

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