Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 70 Highlights: Diwali Special Episode

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 70 has arrived, and today is the house’s Diwali Special episode. Nagarjuna made a big entrance into the house while singing the Family Party Song, and he instantly turned on the MaNa TV in the home and wished the housemates a Happy Diwali.

The home is divided into five couples, with Shivaji as the sanchalak. Arjun and Bhole, Gautham and Shobha, Yawar and Ashwini, Priyanka and Amar, and Prashanth and Rathika are the housemates. They played “Find the Crackers in the House.”

They must all be blindfolded and pick up the crackers, which they must then place in the basket. The player with the most points wins the game. The game was really engaging, and Bhole played it in a more amusing manner. Shobha also played the game brilliantly and had a great time at the house. This task was won by Amar and Priyanka.

Amar’s Mother and Manas On The Stage

As the Diwali special began, Amar’s mother and Manas took the stage. They chose the top five people in the house. Amar is number one, Shivaji is number two, Gautham is number three, Shobha is number four, and Prashanth is number five. The most frequent thing in the house is that all of the housemates’ families dropped tips about Shivaji playing the game brilliantly.

Gautham’s Brother And Chaitanya Rao On The Stage

Chaitanya Rao, the most successful actor from 30 Weds 21, joined Gautham’s Brother on stage. They chose the top five members of the house: Gautham, Arjun, Shivaji, Priyanka, and Amardeep. Gautham was shielded from nominations throughout the process of picking the top 5.

In the thick of family and friend enjoyment. Rithika Singh performed a special dance number on stage.

Give The Chocolates To the Housemates

The chocolates were given to the housemates by Nagarjuna, and they are different colours. Each colour represents something different.

Shobha gave negative chocolate to Yawar and was not trustworthy to Rathika

Amar gave toxic to Rathika and ignored Yawar

Arjun gave ignore to Shobha and Bhole

Bhole gave negative to Amar and ignored Arjun

Rathika gave negative to Shobha and toxic to Shobha as well. She played the safe game and is here

Ashwini gave not trustworthy to Priyanka and ignore to Amar

Prashanth gave chocolates to Ashwini and Rathika

Shivaji gave toxic to Rathika and another one to Amar

Yawar gave a negative to Shobha and another one to Amar

Yawar’s brother Jishan and his friend Emmanuel were there during this process. They chose the top five, which are Yawar, Shivaji, Prashanth, Amardeep, and Bhole Shavali. Yawar has not been spared from the nominations at this time.

Gautham gave chocolates to Amar and Prashanth

Priyanka gave toxic to Ashwini and Rathika

The majority of the chocolates were delivered to Amar and Rathika.

Buchi Babu Sana and Arjun’s Brother On The Stage

National Award Winner Buchi Babu Sana and Arjun’s fitness trainer joined Arjun on stage. And Arjun received an offer for his forthcoming film with Ram Charan. Arjun’s parents were exhibited in the activity room using Virtual Reality. Arjun is number one, Shivaji is number two, Gautham is number three, Prashanth is number four, and Priyanka is number five.

Sree Leela and Vaishanv Tej have taken the stage to promote their film Aadi Keshava. Nagarjuna displayed a movie trailer on the large screen.

Sohel and Bhole’s friend on the stage

Sohel and Bhole’s companion Madhin have entered the stage, and Bhole has performed a song for them. Shivaji is number one, Prashanth is number two, Bhole is number three, Yawar is number four, and Gautham is number five. Bhole has also not been spared nominations.

Ashwini’s Father and Teja have come onto the stage

Ashwini’s father and Teja told her not to cry and to play the game properly. The top five members of Ashwini’s family are Shivaji, Prashanth, Ashwini, Yawar, and Arjun.

Faria Abdullah performed a dance performance on stage in the midst of all of this.

Shivaji’s Wife and Younger Son Ricky On The Stage

Swetha, Shivaji’s wife, and Ricky, his younger son, entered the stage. Shivaji became overcome with emotion after seeing his family. According to them, the top five members in the house are Shivaji, Prashanth, Yawar, Amar, and Priyanka. Shivaji was spared nominations this week, and because he is the captain of the house, he will remain exempt for the following week.

Pragathi and Priyanka’s Mother On The Stage

Pragathi, an actress, and Priyanka’s mother took the stage. Priyanka’s real and reel mother appeared on stage. According to their opinion, the top five are Priyanka, Shivaji, Gautham, Yawar, and Shobha.

Prashanth’s Mother And Sister On The Stage

Prashanth’s mother and sister entered the stage, and he grew upset at seeing his family. Prashanth is number one, Shivaji is number two, Yawar is number three, Priyanka is number four, and Amardeep is number five.

Kajal Aggarwal On The Stage

Satyabhamma is the title of Kajal Aggarwal’s new film, which she promoted on stage. The movie’s trailer was shown on the large screen, and Kajal performed a very active role in the film. She looks stunning and dashing in the film. We’ll have to wait and see how the film does at the box office.

They sang some songs in the home, and the pairs kept playing the game. Shobha and Gautham triumphed in this game.

Rathika’s Mother and Bhanu Sri On The Stage

Rathika’s mother and Bhanu Sri entered the stage, and they chose their top five: Prashanth, Shivaji, Yawar, Rathika, and Arjun. Rathika has been exempted from nominations.

Yashwanth Reddy and Shobha’s Father On The Stage

Yashwanth Reddy and Shobha’s Father appeared on stage, and it was revealed that Yashwanth Reddy is in a relationship with Shobha, and they are going to marry soon. Shobha is number one, Prashanth is number two, Shivaji is number three, Amar is number four, and Priyanka is number five.

Hyper Aadi On The Stage

Hyper Aadi onto the stage and entertained the audience with some hilarious jokes. He was dressed in an Indian jersey, and the housemates had a terrific time with him. He showed them various Nagarjuna films that were appropriate for their game.

Bhole Shavali Eliminated From The House

In the midst of all the wonderful moments and good times in the house. It was time to go. The only people still in the running were Yawar and Bhole Shavali. After a little of tension and thrill in the house, it was announced that Bhole Shavali was ousted from the house, which surprised all of the housemates as well as the audience.

That concludes today’s Diwali Special Episode; tomorrow, there will be nominations in the house, and it will be fiery and fascinating. Stay tuned for additional information.

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