Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 68 Highlights: Family Week Continues In The House

Day 68 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and yesterday we witnessed the entry of Shobha Shetty’s mother, Amar’s wife Tejaswini, and Yawar’s brother. It’s going to become more interesting today, as the captaincy game in the house is about to start. Please allow us to delve into the specifics first.

Rathika’s Father Comes Into The House

Following a protracted wait, Rathika’s father entered the home. despite the fact that she has only been inside the house for three weeks. Rathika was overcome with emotion at seeing her father.

Upon seeing her father inside the home, she broke down in tears. It was a truly enjoyable moment for the housemates when Rathika and her father danced to the songs played by Bigg Boss. Rathika’s father is a really happy man who engaged with the housemates quite wonderfully.

Prashanth’s Father In The House

Not to be forgotten is Prashanth, who has been waiting for the last two days. It’s time for him to experience emotion. Prashanth’s father entered the home gradually after Bigg Boss had first sent him flowers. Prashanth approached him right away and collapsed to his feet. When Prashanth saw his father inside the home, he became quite emotional. Raising him up, he gave him a tour of the house. Prashanth used his hands to feed his father as well.

Then, Prashanth’s father expressed his gratitude to Shivaji in particular for looking after Prashanth at home and treating him like a son. Because of how genuine and lovely the relationship between Prashanth and his father appeared, it was an emotional time for all of the roommates.

Oh Baby

Following family week, Bigg Boss assigned the housemates to the captaincy contenders task. A table in this game contains a few baby dolls with their names on it. The housemates are required to run towards the doll if they hear a baby cry, pick up a doll belonging to another resident, and run into the secure area. The contestant who finishes last and whose doll is with them will be disqualified. That way, the captain of the home will be the person who sticks around to the very end.

Then, as per usual, Gowtham cheated in the home, and Shivaji called him out for not being fair to everyone. Next, Gowtham became enraged and yelled at Shivaji. Shivaji didn’t back down this time either; in fact, he yelled at him. Gowtham wasn’t prepared for this; he believed Shivaji would keep quiet, but his response made him yell louder to demonstrate his strength. However, Shivaji grew stronger until Gowtham tossed the microphone to the ground and urged Bigg Boss to open the door. He desired to leave the house.

Shivaji and Arjun are the final contenders remaining in the house to compete for captaincy. The winner of the match will take on the role of captain of the house. That must be seen by us tomorrow. Please check back for further updates.

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