Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 75 Highlights: Priyanka Becomes The Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 75 has here, and the days are flying by faster than ever before. The Bigg Boss creators intend to stay in the house for another week or two. Because the decision is not yet final, let’s put it on wait. The eviction free pass game is currently underway, and we saw Yawar dominate all of the games in the house yesterday. But there are some squabbles going on in the house; let’s see what happened today.

Yawar Wins The Eviction Free Pass

During the last job, Shivaji, Priyanka, and Yawar played a game in which they had to handle the balls on the bow without dropping them. It was Yawar who stood to the very end, and Shobha then overacted in the house by being unable to decide who played the game by the rules.

Despite the fact that the roommates kept telling her to focus on the outcome, it is clear that Yawar has won the game. Nonetheless, Shobha attempted to show Priyanka some favour, but it did not go well. Finally, Yawar was determined to have won the challenge, and Bigg Boss revealed that Yawar had won the eviction free pass.

He can use it for himself or anybody else in the house. So we’ll have to wait and see what decision Yawar makes in the house with this eviction-free pass.

Priyanka Becomes The Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss revealed in the captaincy task that there are bricks kept at the end of the garden area. The roommates must pass through the ramp and step only on the stickers kept in the garden area, pick up a brick, and return to the location through another ramp, keeping the brick in their box. Whoever has the fewest bricks at the end of the game will be eliminated. The game is reduced to the last two players, and whoever has the most bricks wins the game in the house.

The job was highly contested, and each resident engaged in the game head on. Arjun, Amar, and Prashanth are the last three people in the home.

Break The Bricks Down In The House

Priyanka, Amar, Arjun, Shobha, and Ashwini are the top six in the job. They must now construct a building out of those bricks so that the others can pile them up with the balls. Whoever has the tallest tower at the end of the buzzer wins the game in the house. It was a tough struggle because Ashwini and Shobha were removed first, and then Amar, Arjun, Prashanth, and Priyanka fought hard in the game. Prashanth was the first to be removed, followed by Arjun, and it was Priyanka who won the game and became captain of the house.

We’ll have to see what occurs. Tomorrow will be a Saturday episode, and it will be crucial for all of the roommates. Please stay tuned for additional developments.

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