Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 76 Highlights: Nagarjuna Breaks The Bottles Today

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 76 is here, and it’s the weekend episode. That is the Saturday review episode, and the home is going to be really heated. Nagarjuna made a dramatic entrance with a catchy song, and he looked dashing in a blue shirt and black trousers. Because of the events that have occurred in the house over the last week, Nagarjuna appears to be quite serious. Let’s see what occurs today at the house.

Nagarjuna promptly turned on the MaNa TV and stayed silent for a few moments. By smashing the bottles in the house, he immediately stated that there are many things to be discussed in the house. The home was tense from the start. Nagarjuna complimented Priyanka on her promotion to captain of the house and praised her for playing the game bravely and boldly without crying like the other contestants.

Nagarjuna inquired about Shivaji’s captaincy in the house, and all of the roommates agreed that Shivaji’s captaincy was excellent, with Gowtham specifically praising Shivaji’s captaincy. However, Nagarjuna had some issues with Shivaji. He was using foul language in the house, and Shivaji quickly apologized.

But Nagarjuna nevertheless crushed the bottle on Shivaji’s head since he felt Shivaji overreacted to Shobha and Prashanth’s decision during the eviction pass. Nagarjuna clarified Shobha and Prashanth’s conclusion that Priyanka had won the game, but according to the rules, Yawar had earned the eviction free pass.

Then Nagarjuna discussed a variety of topics with Arjun. Nagarjuna, in particular, inquired whether he would be nominated if he saw a photo of his niece. But it was just for fun, and Nagarjuna praised Arjun for his performance, but he stated that his reality did not come out in the house, and Nagarjuna believes that he was a phony in previous weeks, with his true version only appearing this week.

Then Nagarjuna spoke to Amardeep about the assignment and how he cried a little. However, he has performed admirably in the house. Nagarjuna disliked his perspective and wanted him to believe that he would win the game. No more emotions, just exhibit them in the game. Nagarjuna shattered the bottle on Amar’s head.

Nagarjuna then shattered three bottles on Rathika’s head. Rathika’s performance irritated Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna has forbidden certain terms in the house, and she will begin playing the game the following week. Nagarjuna stated that she is in the tenth position and refused to speak with her.

Then Nagarjuna asked Gowtham whether he had played the game or not. Apart from supporting Priyanka, he didn’t play the game and wanted him to develop it.

The bottle was then broken on Nagarjuna’s hand during Ashwini’s review. When Priyanka broke the bottle on her head, Nagarjuna thought Ashwini overreacted. Still, Nagarjuna shattered the bottle on Ashwini’s head. She didn’t participate in the game at all. Nagarjuna wanted her to concentrate on the game and play it properly.

Then Nagarjuna asked Prashanth if he had played the game this week. Nagarjuna inquired whether Prashanth was relieved when his family members placed him in the top 5. Nagarjuna wanted him to play the game more properly and enthusiastically.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Shobha, and Nagarjuna felt that she didn’t play the game properly, and Shobha felt emotional that she didn’t play the game at all, and Nagarjuna broke the bottle.

Then Nagarjuna showed Yawar some game videos. He put his feet down during the ball-balancing job with Arjun and took his time balancing the balls on the bow. Even the housemates thought it was wrong, so Yawar claimed he didn’t want the Eviction pass if he didn’t deserve it. Then Nagarjuna urged him to think about it for a while, and then he gave up the Eviction pass, which was held in the store room and now belongs to Bigg Boss.

Tomorrow is the Sunday Funday program, and there will almost certainly be an elimination in the house. Let’s see what occurs tomorrow in the house. Stay tuned for additional information.

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