Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 79 Highlights: Pallavi Prashanth Wins The Eviction Pass

Day 79 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and yesterday we saw a portion of the nominees. An additional portion of the nominations was featured in the episode today. Intense debates and even startling self-nominations occurred in the house yesterday alone. So, let’s examine what took on in the house today.

Nominations Continued

Yawar nominated Arjun in this round of nominations after claiming that he didn’t deserve to be granted an eviction ticket from the house. After that, Arjun felt terrible about it, believing Yawar to be completely without merit, and decided not to speak to him again in the house until the very conclusion of the show. Because of Yawar’s recent actions, Arjun no longer views Yawar as his brother and is extremely upset by his remarks. Arjun has resigned and is no longer in communication with him.

Then the domestic rivalry between Shivaji and Gautham continued. After exchanging blows for a while, it was clear that Shivaji had prevailed in the altercation, and Gowtham was subsequently put forward for the home.

For yelling at her and directing Shobha during the sanchalak decision, even Priyanka nominated Shivaji. Things became a little sour between them after a few intense arguments, which Shivaji is obviously not thrilled about. Following this, the nominations were completed, and everyone was nominated this week with the exception of Shobha and Priyanka. Voting for your favorite competitor will begin at midnight today, so be sure to support them and help them win the game.

Pallavi Prashanth wins the eviction pass

Bigg Boss offered the housemates one more, final chance to win the eviction pass. The housemates’ objective is to balance the objects on a stick-like object. Big boss will start telling them one by one to keep things on the thinnest possible side. For instance, there are various-sized bowls, cups, and plates. When the huge boss tells them to keep a small cup, they have to keep it and hold it. When he says anything else, like a large plate, they have to keep it on the cup and balance the other items so they don’t fall to the ground. The eviction pass will be awarded to the last person standing.

Shobha dropped it first in this game, followed by Shivaji due to hand pain, Yawar after losing balance, Rathika, Gowtham, Arjun, Amar, and Ashwini. Priyanka and Prashanth, brother and sister, fought each other at the end. After a stressful game, Priyanka eventually lost her balance and dumped the plates and cups on the ground.

Pallavi Prashanth obtained the eviction pass in this manner, and there won’t be any more defending assignments for this. He owns the eviction ticket; we’ll have to wait and see how Prashanth uses it because there will be a double elimination this week. The murder task is the latest captaincy assignment in the house.

There was a loud scream during the Bigg Boss-provided lunch that the housemates were eating, and Bigg Boss revealed that there was a murderer among them. Amardeep and Arjun are the investigators for this. Who has killed?

Watch this space for additional details; the episode tomorrow promises to be fascinating. There’s a rumor that the mansion will host a covert mission. Watch what transpires in the home.

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