Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 81 Highlights: Shivaji fails In The Secret Task

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 81 has arrived, and we’ve witnessed some incredible tasks in the house. Mrs. Bigg Boss has already been slain in the house, and each of the housemates has been assigned new tasks in the home. Shivaji was assigned a covert mission, and he is the murderer in the house. He must kill people in secret in order to win the assignment; if he fails to do so, he will be removed from the captaincy task. Shivaji murdered Prashanth yesterday after keeping Prashanth’s sapling in the post box. Today’s duty becomes considerably more difficult, so let’s see what occurs in the house.

Arjun And Amar’s Strategy

Arjun and Amar have thoroughly investigated each and every housemate in the house, beginning with Rathika’s inquiry. They imprisoned her on suspicion, but Arjun thought Shivaji was playing a master game in the house and urged Amar to follow him wherever Shivaji went. The game became more difficult for Shivaji here, yet he still managed to trick them and murder Ashwini in the house.

The housemates were shocked when it was announced, and Ashwini wore the white dress and joined Prashanth as the house’s deceased.

Then Bigg Boss asked Arjun and Amar if the basic investigation result was ready. Then Arjun stated that they believe Shivaji is the murderer in the house since he has a bright mind and knows how to remain silent like a murderer. Then they locked him up in the house.

Secret task shifted to Priyanka

After some time had passed, Shivaji was released from jail and resumed his duties. The clock was ticking, and his next aim was Gowtham. However, Shivaji failed the task, and Bigg Boss informed him over the phone that he had failed the test and that his secret duty would be assigned to Priyanka.

Then Shivaji gradually informed Priyanka that he would give her a phone and she would receive orders from Bigg Boss. She must then murder Gowtham in stealth within the mansion. Then Priyanka accepted the challenge, and while Gowtham was working in the kitchen. Then Priyanka crept up behind him and stuck an I’m Dead sticker on his mic.

Then there was another scream, and it was revealed that Gowtham had been slain, and he would be joining Ashwini and Prashanth as a ghost.

The secret mission will continue in the home, and we’ll have to wait and see if Priyanka wins or if the investigators capture her. Let us wait and watch what occurs in the house.

Remember, there is a double elimination in the house, and this week will be the final captain of the house. So make sure to vote for your favourite contenders and keep them from being nominated. Stay tuned for additional house updates.

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