Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 93 Highlights: Some Fun Tasks In The House for Voting Appeal

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 93 has arrived, and there is a lot going on in the house. We saw some heated nominations in the house yesterday, as things got too far apart between Amar and Prashanth, who are no longer speaking to each other. It appears that things are going badly between them, and we’ll have to wait and see what Nagarjuna says about it during the next Saturday episode of the house. Many amazing things have happened in the house today as well. Let’s have a look at them now.

Intense Discussions Between The Contestants

Prashanth and Amar met again once the nominations were completed. They continued to yell at each other, and they practically issued each other a warning in the house.

Prashanth and Amar’s relationship is in shambles right now. Amar literally created all of this by calling him things that should not be stated on the big screen.

Fun Tasks In The House

Then Bigg Boss summoned Amardeep to the activity room and asked him what he would do if he was given the opportunity to host a party. Amardeep then stated that he would drink, have some snacks, and so forth. Then Bigg Boss told him that he had a cake in front of him and that he had 15 minutes to consume it all. Amardeep then sat down and began eating the cake, but he couldn’t finish it since there was too much cake. It was a pleasant exercise, and Bigg Boss even inquired what cake was named in Telugu. It was a really enjoyable exercise, and the housemates and audience both enjoyed it.

Pool Task

Then Bigg Boss assigned another intriguing task: Bigg Boss will play a music in the house, and the housemates must race to the pool and jump in it.

Whoever is the last to enter the pool will be eliminated from the game. Yawar was the winner of this game, and Shivaji was the runner-up. Yawar will soon have the opportunity to make a vote appeal, but there will be a twist in the story that will be disclosed soon.

Big Fight Between Shobha, Priyanka and Amar

Amar, Shoba, and Priyanka were playing with each other while the other housemates relaxed. As if they were playingfully hitting each other in the house. Then, giggling, Priyanka struck Amardeep with a pillow, and Amardeep became enraged and threw away her teddy bear.

Shobha and Priyanka then sprang up and walked away, arguing like schoolchildren. It appeared to be entirely premeditated, and they were attempting to show the viewers that they were playing individually in the house.

More fascinating tasks will be assigned tomorrow, and the winner will be eligible for the voting appeal. But there will undoubtedly be surprises. Stay tuned for additional house updates.

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