Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 36 Highlights: Aatagaalu Vs Potugaalu

It is the seventh week in the house on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 36, and many exciting things have started to happen inside as early as yesterday. Gautham appeared to have been eliminated from the house yesterday along with Subhasree, however he was actually transferred to the secret room and will return to the house shortly.

Nominations In The House

We witnessed the arrival of the new housemates yesterday; two of them were designated as HOLs, or Heads of the Luggage, and three others as HOBs, or Heads of the Beds. This implies that these guys will choose who sleeps in which bed in the house and which luggage is brought in and taken out.

Literally, it means that the previous residents must compete with the incoming residents. Aatagaalu and Potugaalu are the new and old housemates, respectively.

The nomination process has finally started in the house, and the Potugaalu must submit their candidates for two Aatagalu. Oh my god, this is about to get really interesting when the new candidates criticize the previous roommates for their shortcomings. Check out what occurred in the house.

List of nominations

  1. Teja and Amardeep were nominated by Nayani. Teja’s non-compliance with the game’s regulations and laziness are the reasons for his nomination, and Amardeep’s inability to improve at all over the past few weeks is the cause for his nomination.
  2. Bhole proposed Sandeep and Amar. Amar and Sandeep were nominated by Bhole because Amar was inactive in the house and Sandeep, in Bhole’s opinion, failed to act when Teja was physically attacking Gautham in the grin photo job.
  1. Teja and Yawar were nominated by Pooja. Teja and Yawar were both chosen by Pooja due to their hostile behavior inside the house and their brutal treatment of Gautham, respectively.
  2. Amardeep and Shobha were nominated by Ashwini. In the house, there were many heated arguments between Amardeep and Shobha, and Ashwini nominated them for groupism and improper gameplay. As a result, things started to get out of hand in the house.
  3. Sandeep and Amardeep were nominated by Arjun. Sandeep was nominated by Arjun for not understanding the game properly, while Amardeep was nominated by Arjun for not playing the game properly. According to Arjun, everyone in the house is improving except for Amardeep.

The Aatagaalu nominations will be announced tomorrow, and Gautham will presumably return to the house then. Watch what transpires inside the house.

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