Biggboss Telugu Season 6 Episode 29 Day 28 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 29 for Day 28

The Sunday Funday episode is here, and the roommates had a great time because it was also a special episode for the Dussehra celebration. Today, a lot of things occurred in the house, including some eliminations. See what transpired today.

Exposing Geethu

There were some domestic problems that needed to be resolved before moving on to the major enjoyable part. When Keerthi Bhat was asked to choose someone who isn’t eligible for the captaincy, Chanti was chosen over Inaya. She chose Chanti because Keerthi received a statement from Chanti that she was only working for the cameras, Geethu told Inaya. Despite the fact that he phrased it in a funny way, the situation was depicted negatively.

Geethu kept interrupting Nagarjuna as he was discussing the problem, which infuriated him and caused him to reprimand her. Geethu then concurred that she had carried it by adding a few extra phrases that she was unable to do. She claimed that Chanti and she had a tense relationship and that she didn’t like her. Nagarjuna made an effort to resolve everything, but it remains to be seen how far this conflict will develop.

Who is the bad guy in The Ghost Game?

Sonal Chauhan, who plays the lead woman in the upcoming movie The Ghost, and director Praveen Sattaru visited the home to promote the film. They requested that the housemates participate in the ghost game and identify the bad person in the home.

Faima picked Keerthi
Geethu picked Chanti
Adi Reddy picked Revanth
Revanth picked Keerthi
Keerthi picked Revanth
Chanti picked Revanth
RJ Surya picked Arohi
Rajasekhar picked geethu
Marina-Rohith picked Geethu
Arohi picked Inaya
Inaya picked Srihan
Sudeepa picked Baladitya
Baladitya picked Geethu
Vasanthi picked Arohi
Arjun Kalyan picked Sri Satya
Srihan picked Keerthi
Sri Satya picked RJ Surya

Dusshera Challenge

As part of this competition between the sexes. The housemates engaged in several activities such as Break the Balloon, Make Batukamma, Dance Challenge, and Arm Wrestling, with the majority of the games being won by the female contestants. Additionally, there was a fascinating part called Sweet Ladoo and Bitter Ladoo.

Election period

Arohi and Sudeepa were the final two to be eliminated. Arohi was ultimately ousted, and everyone in the house started to cry. She gave the housemates tags for Kalmasham and Swatcham before leaving. She picked Marina, Baladitya, Keerthi, Surya, Vasanthi, and Srihan for Swacham. She picked Revanth, Chanti, Sudeepa, Sri Satya, Inaya, and Geethu for Kalmasham.

The Dussehra special episode came to an end in that manner, and tomorrow the nominees for the house will be announced.

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