Isha Malviya threatens to end the relationship with Samarth, who is the reseason?

Bigg Boss 17 became more dramatic and interesting once Isha Malviya’s boyfriend Samarth entered the house. Since Samarth entered the house, a lot of arguments have broken out between Samarth and Isha Malviya because of Abhishek.

Abhishek and Isha Malviya entered the house as ex-partners but over time, Isha Malviya started showing interest in Abhishek. There were a lot of clips in which they appeared very close made shook to everyone in the house and BB viewers.

According to Samarth’s friend Lokesh, Isha Malviya’s mother begged him not to go into the Bigg Boss 17 house and never talk about her daughter’s relationship. Because it might affect her image and also make a lot of difference in Bigg Boss 17 Vote.

Everything shattered once Samarth entered as a wild card into the house. The verbal argument goes on every day and becomes the most engaging content.

Salman Khan also addresses the issue of Isha Malviya, Samarth, and Abhishek. Shockingly, Isha Malviya denied her relationship with Samarth. Samarth became upset with the answer of Isha Malviya.

Later she accepted her mistake and Samarth forgave her. However, Abhishek and Samarth were discussed about how liar Isha Malviya is.

Recently, Isha Malviya threatened Samarth to end their relationship, well let’s see where it goes.

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