Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 82 Highlights (Nov 25, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 82 Highlights

After the last captaincy task in the house, Right now Bigg Boss house is currently in family reunion mood. Even though Bigg Boss is popular for many reasons but this particular family segment every year brings more audience to this show. 

Family Reunion in Bigg Boss

Sreerama Chandra Meets his sister

After Kajal’s husband and daughter came, Sreeram Chandra’s sister entered the house. She met everyone politely and she sat down with sreeram to discuss about his game.

She was very happy and she appreciated and loved Sreeram’s game and she also gave some advice regarding his anger and aggression issues. Everybody were so happy with Sreeram’s sisters entry and entire house got filled with happiness. 

Maanas Mom Enters the house

The Highlight of the episode was Maanas Mother. Her name is Padmini Nagulapalli and she took the entire house with her energy. She interacted with everyone and cracked some wonderful jokes. She also told Ravi and Sreeram not to call her aunty. Sreeram even funnily commented that she is still looking hot. She told Siri and pinki are looking beautiful on the screen.She danced with inmates as well. Later that, She sat down with Maanas and discussed his game. She told him that everybody is watching their son in you, and his success is also their success. Maanas was filled with complete happiness after she went out.

Siri’s Mom twists and turns

Siri’s mom Sridevi came into the house. She greeted everyone and right from the beginning itself she told Siri that she isn’t liking her hugs with Shanmukh. She also mentioned her that Shanmukh is helping her as Siri lost her father in childhood. Shanmukh is taking care of as an father and brother. But giving hugs is only the issue. There was disappointment on Shanmukh’s face. Later Siri told her mom that he would het hurt but they cut off the topic in the middle and discussed other things as well. 

But Siri’s mother kept on pestering about the hugs. After he exit, Shanmukh seemed upset, and he avoided Siri. She cried and tried to patch up with Shanmukh. 

Maanas avoids Pinki

On the other side, Everybody thought that Maanas mother would say something about his relationship with Pinki. But she didn’t say anything. Then Maanas decided to avoid Pinky. He sat down with Pinki and told her that he can’t reciprocate the feelings she has for him. Pinky is hurt by the comments but she didn’t react anything about it.

Sunny’s Mom into the house

Sunny’s mom also entered the house and everybody welcomed her warmly. Even she looked active and spoke to everyone. 

More family reunions and other discussions will be continued in the next episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. 

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