Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 92 Highlights (Dec 05, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 92 Highlights

The Sunday Funday episode began with Nagarjuna’s special entry with Naa Kosam song from Bangarraju Movie. Then he greeted the housemates and gave them a task where he will show a movie poster and the housemate have to say which housemate will match with it. 

Sunny said that Pinki is Mahanati, Siri gave Mr. Vaseekaran to Shannu. Then Shannu gave Neelamabari to Siri. Sreeram gave Kattappa to Siri and Kajal gave Arjun Reddy to Sunny. Maanas got Relangi Mavayya but Shannu said that it was Ravi. Then Maanas gave it to Sreeram. Pinki gave Aparichitudu to Maanas and then Maanas gave Bhanumathi to Siri. 

Kajal gave Peddarayudu to Shannu and Sreeram gave Chittibabu to Sunny. Shannu gave ismart Shankar to Maanas and Pinki gave Seethayya to Sunny and Sunny gave Maryada Ramanna to Sreeram. Meanwhile after the task, Maanas got into the safe zone. 

After that Nagarjuna started another task in which Sreeram is the Sanchalak. Kajal, Sunny, Pinki are in one team. Shannu, Siri, Maanas are in another team. The housemates should gulp water in their mouths and sing a song. 

Kajal sang Silakemo Sikakulam song and they danced to the same. Siri sang Naa Peere Kanchanamala song and the team danced to it. Sunny sang the Mind Block song and got disqualified.

Shannu sang Ne Chuku Chuku Bandinro Song, Priyanka sang Bhoom Baddalu and got disqualified. Maanas sang Blockbuster song. Kajal sang Kodikura Chilligaare song and got a point. Siri Sang Gallo Telinattunde song and Sunny sang Dole Dole Dil Jara Jara song.

Shannu sang Mass Maranam song and finally Shannu’s team won the task. After the task was over, Kajal got into the safe zone. 

Then the housemates played Ludo Game. Siri, Kajal and Pinki played the game whereas Sunny, Maanas and Shannu will roll the dice. Maanas got a punishment that he should perform a romantic scene with a pillow. He repeated the same thing with Pinki. Kajal Sang a song with her nose plugged. 

Then Nagarjuna asked which housemate they haven’t expected to stay in the house this long. Siri said it is Sreeram and Shannu says it is Kajal. Sunny got a punishment to wear eyeliner and lipstick.

The Elimination

Nagarjuna asked which housemate doesn’t have common sense. Shannu says it is Siri and Pinki. After that Pinki got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house and she cried a lot after seeing her journey. She talked about all the housemates. Then Maanas sang Uppenantha Ee Premaki Song for her and Sreeram sang Priya Priya Champodde Song. 

First and Last impression

Pinki shared her first and last impression on the housemates.

For Siri 

First: More beautiful than Pinki

Last: Reminds me of her sister.

For Sreeram

First: Big Fan

Last: Good Connection

For Shanmukh

First: Guy Next Door

Last: Lovely Brother

For Sunny

First: Invited me inside the house

Last: Want to see you as a winner.

For Kajal

First: Talkative Person

Last: Didn’t change a bit

For Maanas.

First: impressed at first sight

Last: want to see you as a winner.

So the Super six of the house are there in the house. The next week will be the last elimination of the house. The competition is really tough between the contenders. 

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