Bigg Boss Season 7 Day 98 Highlights: Shobha Shetty Is Eliminated From The House

Today is Day 98 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7. It’s Sunday Funday in the house, and Nagarjuna made a grand entrance with a great song. He looks dapper in a yellow T-shirt. Nagarjuna turned on the MaNa TV right away and then told everyone in the house to come to the exercise room. There, they showed off the second Bigg Boss winner. The second finalist in the house was then chosen to be Priyanka.

After that, Nagarjuna told Priyanka to take the red cloth off. The house had a wheel and 14 weeks. They have to pick a week and talk about which week they really wish they hadn’t done something.

It was Priyanka’s fault that she lost control during the debate with Bhole Shavali during week 7 in the house.

Arjun felt bad that the audience didn’t back him in week 13. He said that even though he won the game of the finale Astra, he felt bad about it.

She said she felt bad about calling Yawar a crazy person during the captaincy contender job in week 9. This week she felt bad because she was too bold and didn’t play the game right.

Amar felt bad about the 14th week because he yelled at Prashanth. It makes him feel really sad. Then Nagarjuna set up a short test for Amardeep, and Priyanka brought him a pen and paper. He needs to write Utanu Samarasyanga on the paper.

Then Yawar said he felt bad about week 1 and week 11 because he gave away the exit pass. Then in weeks 13 and 14, he had the worst behaviour in the house and didn’t win the finals. He was happy when he became captain in week 6.

Then Prashanth said he felt bad about week 14 because he only brought the coffee for Shivaji.

He then said that he felt bad about week 14 because he had said some bad things to the girls. He felt terrible about what he did.

There Are Memes In The House

Then Nagarjuna showed the jokes to everyone in the house to make them laugh. Then Memes were shown to the housemates, who laughed really hard. Then each roommate has to give the meme to another housemate. That part in the house was a lot of fun.

During this time, Amar was the subject of many memes in the house. He had the most memes in the house. This is how Priyanka told everyone that Yawar is the next finalist in the Bigg Boss house.

The housemates then played Dumb Charades with each other. Every time they got a guess right, there would be a picture made just for them. Priyanka got a poster of Mahanati, Shobbha got a poster of Chandramukhi, Prashanth got a poster of Aparichithudu, Yawar got a poster of Temper, Amar got a poster of Ghajini, and Shivaji got a poster of Pedarayudu.

Then Priyanka and Yawar showed off the next candidate, whose name is Amardeep.

Then Nagarjuna asked the housemates what they liked about each other.

  • Amardeep liked Prashanth for playing the game wonderfully, and also Arjun for not playing the foul game at all.
  • Yawar learnt patience from Shivaji.
  • Priyanka learnt how to not get caught while playing the foul game from Amar
  • Arjun learnt many different things from different housemates
  • Shobha didn’t learn anything from the housemates
  • Yawar learnt how to respect food from Yawar
  • Prashanth learnt how to smile during the tough times from Shivaji

When Keeravani came on stage after this, Nagarjuna told everyone that Keeravani is in charge of music for his next movie. Prashanth was named the winner of the house during this portion.

Shobha Shetty Got Eliminated From The House

In the last part, find out who is the last finalist left in the house. This kind of ticket was in the exercise room. Then Nagarjuna will start calling out numbers in the house. The winner is the person who has all of the numbers. Shivaji got all the numbers, making him the last finalist in the house. Shobha Shetty was kicked out of the house.

That’s all for today’s Sunday Funday Episode. The last week will be next week. Remember to vote for your favourite contestants so they can win Bigg Boss and the money that comes with it. Stay tuned for more news.

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