Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 96 Highlights: The Fun Tasks Continue In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 96 has arrived, and there are only 9 days before the grand finale in the house. There are also rumours circulating on the internet that there may be a mid-week elimination in the house. We saw massive battles between Amar and Prashanth yesterday, and we’re sure Nagarjuna will talk about it this Saturday. We saw half of the task of what happened in the house yesterday; today, let’s examine what actually transpired in the house.

Shivaji vs Shobha In The House

We saw a ball sticking task in the house yesterday. Priyanka, Shivaji, and Arjun are the candidates on the left. As Priyanka and Shivaji were throwing balls at each other, Shobha and Yawar were the sanchalaks. Shobha continued to shout for Priyanka, reminding Sanchalak that she shouldn’t support only one person and treat all of the players equally in the house. Then Shivaji became enraged and stormed out of the queue, declaring that he does not want to play the game at all.

Shobha then stated that as a friend, she may assist everyone in the house. Things became a little hurried in the house as Shivaji and Shobha continued to argue. Shobha overacted a much throughout this debate. It appeared to be filthy. This SPA batch is basically the house’s overachievers. Arjun, by the way, was the winner of this task.

Break The Balloons In The House

In another intriguing challenge, Bigg Boss kept all of the balloons in the house, and the housemates were had to don caps with needles. Candies, chocolates, and other goodies are hidden inside the balloons.

Whoever gathers the most candy wins the game. Arjun is the house’s Sanchalak. In this round, Shivaji received the most candies, a total of 16, and finally received the opportunity to vote in the house. It’s a huge help around the house.

Super Women In The Task

In this duty, both women in the house must don various costumes and elements provided by Bigg Boss. Whoever receives the boys’ approval wins the mission. Priyanka received the most votes in this task.

Even Amar voted for Priyanka, which enraged Shobha, and the house is clearly overreacting. She is plainly attempting to capture the attention of the audience.

There will be more intriguing chores tomorrow. Stay tuned for additional house updates.

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