Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 95 Highlights: Bigg Fights In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 96 has arrived, and there is a lot going on in the house today. We saw Arjun and Amardeep win some incredible challenges in the house yesterday, and there was a lot of uproar in the house. So, let’s see what occurs today in the house.

Amar Vs Arjun For The Voting In The House

Arjun won one game by ringing the bell and eating the onions in the home in under 15 minutes. Then Amardeep won the cake-cutting competition. Everyone thought it would be easy peasy in the house after that, but Bigg Boss kept the voting appeal for both of them and the housemates had to chose only one of them. Because of their favouritism in the house, Priyanka and Shobha voted for Amardeep as usual.

Then Shivaji, Yawar, and Prashanth voted for Arjun since he stated that he is already at the bottom and requires a voting appeal, and the three of them agreed. Amardeep became envious and stated that they are voting for you because they want to make a good impression on you. Then Yawar asked, “Why are you doing drama Amar?” Then Amar stated that you do not have the authority to yell in my face.

I am the captain of the house; please have a seat. In the house, what does he think of himself? Is he some kind of dictator? This is completely risky behavior by Amardeep in the house, and it will have a significant impact on his vote total. Then Arjun received the voting appeal, and he had three minutes to seek for a vote appeal in the house.

Amar Vs Prashanth In The House

Then Bigg Boss assigned another unique task in the house, in which the housemates had to wear a jacket and play with sticky balls. They must take balls and strike each other on the jacket; whatever jacket has the most balls stuck to it at the end of the buzzer will be eliminated. The game will be won by the last men standing.

The game was exciting, and things became quite hot in the house. As Amardeep pressed himself against Prashanth and attempted to stick the balls. After the buzzer rang, Prashanth stated that Amardeep had bitten him on the hand and shown the proof. Then Amardeep said that he had done other things that were not captured on video. Prashanth inquired as to what he had done. Then Amardeep said, “Don’t irritate him.”

Amar, like in previous episodes, acted as if he was growing irritated on heights. He said that Prashanth choked him and cursed him throughout the combat. The brawl in the house is huge, and it’s arguably the largest fight of all the Bigg Boss seasons combined. We are confident that Nagarjuna will deal with this matter, and Amardeep should be cautioned at all costs. He’s losing control, playing dirty games, and biting others. Everything in the house has a limit. We’ll have to wait and see what Nagarjuna says, as well as how far this fight on the home goes.

Many more exciting work will be completed in the house tomorrow. Stay tuned for additional information.

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