Bigg Boss Telugu Day 5 Episode 4 Highlights: Angry Over A Coffee

There were some serious and intense emotions as well as some highly emotional moments in the house on the most recent episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7. It was also a little funny.

The housemates appreciated the song that opened the program, Ek Baar Ek Baar. In the next Bigg Boss task, the housemates had to wow the Bigg Boss with their special abilities. In exchange, Bigg Boss pledged to pick one person to take part in the immunity task.

Sivaji’s Anger Over An Coffee.

Sivaji repeatedly asked for coffee in the morning. He threw the glass into the trash and kicked the can inside the house. He didn’t listen to anyone, despite the efforts of his housemates to stop him. If he didn’t get the coffee right away, he threatened to leave the house. Even Shakeela asked Bigg Boss for coffee, but the Bigg Boss kept ignoring her. He sent a BP machine to Sivaji’s home to measure his blood pressure. Over that again, he became enraged.

Then Bigg Boss sent a stethoscope into the house and instructed Rathika to listen to each resident’s heartbeat. Once more furious over this, Shivaji kept the stethoscope and continued to tease the Bigg Boss.

Yawar’s Lady Getup

Yawar dressed up as a woman and began flirting with the other housemates during these agitated times. Even Bigg Boss praised Yawar for looking stunning in this outfit. It was an enjoyable aspect of the home.

Sivaji gets the coffee

Shivaji was finally brought into the activity room by Bigg Boss following several heated exchanges and yelling. Sivaji initially refused to enter the activity room, but Tasty Teja and others persuaded him to do so. The Bigg Boss kept the coffee on the table when Sivaji entered the activity room.

Nevertheless, during his interaction with Bigg Boss, Sivaji claimed that he had created an aggressive persona for himself. To dazzle Bigg Boss, he staged this scene. Nearly all of the roommates trusted him because of his performance. With the coffee in hand, he left the room.

Rathika’s Emotional Moments

Rathika was summoned by Bigg Boss into the activity room and questioned whether she was missing anyone. Then she continued, “I miss my parents and I miss the person I used to love,” as well as other things. She sobbed for a while before Bigg Boss played a song for her in the activity area, where she later spent a lot of time.

The entertaining events persisted inside the house, and tomorrow we will learn which competitor will take part in the immunity assignment. Let’s observe and wait

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