Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 6 Day 5 Highlights: Shakeela Gets Panic Attack

The ratings for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 are slowly increasing each day. The first two days in the house were a touch dull, but now the tempo has picked up with some fresh fights and disputes as well as a little activity from the older members. The most recent incident had some conflicts that occurred in the home during the new task, however there wasn’t a major altercation. But Bigg Boss eventually gained the upper hand in the contest. Let’s now examine what actually occurred in the residence.

Damini’s Failure In The Task

Damini was the first significant high point of the program. Damini and Kiran were summoned by Bigg Boss into the confessional, where they were given an assignment. They have to build an omelet out of the egg that was cracked on someone’s head and give it to Bigg Boss.

Kiran completed the mission successfully, however, Damini failed to do so. Shivaji and Rathika concealed themselves in the restroom so they could avoid this task. But, when Bigg Boss summoned them back, they returned to the hall.

Rathika and Shivaji Win The Task

But, as a part of the Bigg Boss task game, Impress. Bigg Boss himself declared Rathika and Shivaji as the task’s winners. This announcement stunned everyone in the house. They questioned how Rathika managed to complete the work when she did nothing. Rathika, on the other hand, claimed that Pallavi Prashanth is like her brother and admitted as much to him.

Shakeela’s Panic Attack

Shakeela devised a clever scheme to frighten Teja inside the home. She presented herself as having a panic attack. The housemates then started to worry a lot about what had happened to Shakeela and were asking Bigg Boss to send the medics right away. Because of this panic episode, everyone was incredibly terrified.

then observing the tension rising within the home. Shakeela said that she just took action to frighten Teja inside the home. Rathika, on the other hand, made it very obvious that she had no affections for Pallavi Prashanth and only likes him as a member of the household.

So Close Yet So Far

On the other side, Rathika and Shivaji won the Impress the Bigg Boss job, and Priyanka and Sandeep won the Face the Beast challenge. They will now battle for Power Astra. Then Bigg Boss handed the housemates the authority to choose which contestants are ineligible for this competition. Rathika was the target in the house, and that much was obvious. The majority of the residents in the house nominated her.

The other roommates don’t believe Rathika will benefit from that in the coming days. See what transpires in the house over the next few days. Keep checking for further updates

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