Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 7 Highlights: Sunday Is Funday In The House

the seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu It was a wonderfully enjoyable day at home on Sunday. As always, Nagarjuna looks great in his new look as he made a grand entrance to a fantastic song. With the exception of Sandeep Master, Nagarjuna immediately led the viewers to MaNa TV to engage with the temporary housemates.

Sandeep Master Becomes Emotional

Sandeep Master was the first confirmed housemate, and Nagarjuna congratulated him. Then Nagarjuna surprised him by showing him how to use the Power Astra to open the VIP room. Sandeep would lose his immunity for 5 weeks if he didn’t do well on the assignments, according to a small warning from Nagarjuna. There is a battery in the home, and if it turns red, Sandeep will no longer be immune.

Sandeep then gave his kid the gift of this ability astra. Then Nagarjuna warned that he would lose its potency if he dedicated the Astra to anyone. The Master hasn’t changed his mind, though, and will devote this to his son. Sandeep was visibly moved by a joke Nagarjuna made as a character test for him.

Hide and Snake

Housemates were summoned to the activity room, where there were duties for both guys and girls. In this game, one of the lads will be blinded and hold a snake in their palm while the girls must tie gungroo to their feet. The participants will be eliminated if they are successful in touching anyone with the snake.

When girls are blinded in the game, the reverse occurs. Subhasree played exceptionally well in the game and eliminated 4 boys to help the girls win the job.

Shoba Shetty and Rathika Rose are Safe

The house has completed its initial safe procedure. In this case, little coffins were handed to the nominees. They risk being in danger if they encounter skeletons. They will be safe if they receive rose petals. After receiving rose petals, Shoba Shetty and Rathika Rose felt secure inside the home.

Memes On Housemates

The original meme focused on Shoba Shetty. It was Shoba Shetty, the real Doctor Babu, Gautam Krishna, and the fictional Doctor Babu Karthik.

Heart and the X moments

Housemates experienced wonderful moments in the home that they will always treasure and remember. They want the X times in the house to be forgotten.

It was really a good moment in the house and they shared some beautiful moments in the house and also some moments which they wanted to forget in the house.

The Kings Meter In The House

Kings Meter was a new term that Nagarjuna presented to the household. It resembles a green-to-red clock. Nagarjuna evaluates each housemate’s performance each week and assigns them a score based on their performance. This is a pretty smart decision on the part of the Big Boss management because it encourages more sincere feedback from both the audience and Nagarjuna.

Kiran Rathore Is The First Contestant To Get Eliminated From The House

Prince Yawar and Kiran Rathore faced each other in the last elimination round. After some anticipation inside the house, it was revealed that Kiran Rathore had been booted out. Shakeela and Yawar enjoyed a lot of happy times together at home, so they were both sad to see her go. But according to the Bigg Boss house rules, one of them shall be ousted every week.

It concludes the Sunday Funday activities at home. There are some TV speculations that this week, additional participants will enter the house, including Varshini. Let’s hope it ends up being the most successful entertainment season ever.

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