Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 8 Highlights: The First Open Nominations In The House

The second week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is about to begin, and Sandeep Master is the only man who has been officially confirmed as a competitor. Kiran Rathore was kicked out of the house yesterday. The nomination process is now ongoing in the House. Check out today’s events in the house.

Shakeela experienced some sadness about Kiran Rathore’s exit from the house. The house quickly returned to normal, though.

The First Open Nominations In The House

The housemates had previously nominated other housemates in the closed room during the first week of the competition, but now Bigg Boss has returned to the original and most well-known open nominations in the competition. They were all summoned to the activity room. Only Sandeep Master cannot be nominated because he has immunity for five weeks, which is available to all candidates. But, he now has a unique power that is highly advantageous to him: the ability to nominate any member of the House directly into the nominations.

Fire Hot Intense Nominations

The nomination procedure is rather straightforward: when Bigg Boss calls a contestant’s name, they must stand in a pit, and the contestants who want to nominate them must get up, state their case, and click a button that causes mud to rain on the nominees.

Still, there is some breaking news that 8–10 new participants and wild card applicants will enter the house. There will be 24 people in the residence altogether. There is no doubt that this season will be a hit.

I’ll now return to the nominations. Pallavi Prashanth and Shivaji were nominated by Amardeep. Amardeep, Shivaji, and Prashanth got into a lot of heated disagreements in the house during this nomination process. In particular, Amardeep and Prashanth didn’t appreciate Prashanth’s attitude since he kept claiming to be the son of a farmer and attempting to win over people’s sympathy. He discussed folks who are going through hardship outside due to their jobs and other things. Even the other residents of the residence applauded Amardeep for his passionate debate.

Priyanka Jain and Shivaji also engaged in heated debates. Priyanka didn’t like Shivaji’s actions, such as the fact that he forbids conversation within the home. He never stops interjecting. Even Shivaji provided some excellent counterarguments during the nominations, notably mentioning his role as the house entertainment.

Pallavi Prashanth was nominated by Rathika, which was also pretty shocking. The way Pallavi was acting didn’t sit well with Rathika, and it caused quite a stir inside the house. After the nominations, Pallavi Prashanth sobbed for a long time since he had become completely broke in the home. Housemates tried to comfort him, but he felt like he was being singled out a bit and some of them were really unkind to him. In the home, they had a few minor disagreements. Amardeep stood out in the home, albeit he had been quiet the first week and is now firing on all cylinders.

Sandeep’s Direct Nomination

Yawar has been nominated directly by Sandeep Master, who has the authority to do so. Yawar believed that he was the target of an attack. Sandeep Master, though, maintained his composure and responded as before.

Nominated Contestants

The most nominations in the house went to Shivaji. The nominees for the competition include Shivaji, Yawar, Shakila, Shoba Shetty, Teja, and Rathika.

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