Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day Episode 9 Highlights: The Mayaastra Task

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has already reached Day 9 and is one of the best seasons thus far. It also appears to be quite intriguing. The nominations were a hot topic yesterday, and they are now continuing in this episode. The housemates will next be assigned an assignment. Check out what took place in the house today.

Pit Nominations Continued

Throughout the course of the nominations, we just caught a brief glimpse of Rathika turning away from Pallavi Prashanth yesterday. Rathika and Pallavi were quite cordial in the first week, thus you have observed it correctly. But as of late, she has entirely abandoned him. Pallavi Prashanth has actually been targeted by the majority of the women in the house, and it has been rather upsetting for him to witness this.

In reality, Pallavi Prashanth sobbed uncontrollably as the nominees were announced, and the audience was moved by the sight of him. Despite the fact that he has always assisted farmers, he has been utilizing condolence cards from the day he became a farmer. But the other residents had been a little unkind to him, so this felt like a direct attack on him.

The Nominated Contestants-Final List

The voting lines will start tonight, Tuesday 10:30PM, while nominations are still being accepted. Shivaji, Prashanth, Rathika, Teja, Amar, Shakeela, Gautam, Shobha, and Prince Yawar are the nominees for the house’s representatives.

Sandeep Master Assigned Beds For The Housemates

As the first resident of the residence, Sandeep Master. Sandeep Master was tasked by Bigg Boss to distribute the beds among the competitors. Shakeela, Shivaji, Amardeep, Damini, and Subhasree received the Luxury room.

Prince, Gauthan, Prashanth, Rathika, Shobha, and Priyanka were all given the Standard room. Delicious Teja was somewhat saddened by the fact that there was no bed. The Master will have a problem if he doesn’t handle this work properly because his battery will run out shortly.

Ranadhira Vs Mahabali Teams

The Mayaastra task has started in the house, and once it is finished, at least one or two of the current residents will stay there permanently. Two teams have been established within the home. Mahabali Team and the Ranadhira Team.

Amardeep, Priyanka, Shivaji, Prince Yawar, Shakeela, and Shoba Shetty are members of the Ranadhira Team.

Gautam, Rathika, Damini, Subhasree, Teja, Prashanth, and Sandeep make up the Mahabali Team, with Sandeep serving as the Sanchalak. His batteries will undoubtedly run out if the decision is unfair, he doesn’t judge the situation correctly, and he plays the game improperly.

The tasks will start tomorrow, and I can already tell that this week will be fascinating. The housemates’ participation in the physical tasks will be visible to the audience this time. We can only hope that this week is entertaining.

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