Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 4 Day 3 Highlights: Tasty Teja Gets Shakeela’s Kiss

The Bigg Boss Season 7 is progressing really well, and the nominations in the first week made for an exciting episode. The most recent episode, though, is also somewhat humorous and intriguing. The game in the Bigg Boss house reaches a completely new level in this episode.

Bigg Boss has not formally confirmed any contestants as roommates up to this point. They were assigned a special duty to advance their standing and get qualified to live here.

Wrestling Match

Male and female wrestlers entered the house to compete against the competitors in the challenge, which was a wrestling match. Aata Sandeep and Priyanka Jain won this match and moved on to the next round. The competitors have had an optimistic outlook throughout the competition. This is a good yet favorable development for the home.

When Prashanth realized he had lost, Rathika also said the same, and he withdrew to a corner and sobbed for a time. His spirits were quickly raised by Priyanka and Tasty Teja, who reminded him that winning every game was not the primary objective. He needs to keep attempting.

Tasty Teja Gets The Kiss

The candidates spend their time in the house participating in a variety of activities. Tasty Teja was given cosmetics and lipstick by the female candidates. Shakeela finds Teja cute during this lighthearted activity and gives him a cheek kiss while treating him as her kid.

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