Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 27th 2022 Written Updates: Srihan the new captain

The captaincy candidates assignment for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 featured intense physical combat and unexpected turns. The house has seen a lot of intriguing things today. A new captain has been appointed for this week, so let’s see what transpired in the house.

Bring the rope out

Following the completion of the task, Bigg Boss declared Srihan and Sri Satya as straight candidates for this week’s captaincy. Then he instructed the remaining couples to decide among themselves who will compete for this week’s leadership. The housemates have decided that Keerthi, Revanth, Surya, and Faima will be the other candidates for captaincy for this week after much deliberation.

The leadership contenders game’s first level consisted of a hurdle covered in ropes. The competitors must fasten a rope to their bellies and exit the hurdle still holding the rope. It seemed like a difficult and perplexing task. However, Keerthi, Surya, and Srihan completed the assignment ahead of time and were promoted to the second level of captaincy.

Srihan, the new house captain

The roommates once more had the opportunity to go to the next phase and become the captain. The candidates for captaincy received a huge “C” that they must keep with them. The “C” will be cut with a knife by the surviving residents. The captain will be whoever receives the fewest knives. The house believes that Srihan deserves to be the new captain of the team because of his accomplishments.

Worst Performer

Srihan was given the opportunity to select the poorest performer of the week after Bigg Boss appointed him captain of the house. Bala Aditya was jailed after being selected by Srihan as the week’s poorest performer.

Save your preferred contenders as the voting lines are getting shorter.

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