Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 17 Highlights: Yawar’s Game To Prove Himself

Day 17 of the competition for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has begun, and it is unquestionably extremely interesting. In the house, a lot of interesting things have happened. Yesterday, Bigg Boss chose three contestants for the special astra, which grants three weeks of immunity. Yawar, Shobha Shetty, and Amardeep are the three competitors in question. The competitors responded when Bigg Boss invited each contender individually into the confessional. The story then took a turn when Bigg Boss revealed the admissions of three of the remaining competitors.

Yawar Upset With Rathika

Rathika claimed that Yawar is not the right player for the game in one of the admissions. When Yawar was shown this by Bigg Boss.

In the house, he was visibly upset. He said that if others had said the same thing, I wouldn’t have felt depressed. However, your assertion that I am unworthy of the game hurts a lot.

Mental Endurance Task For Yawar

Then, Bigg Boss handed Yawar a mental endurance test to demonstrate his mettle to the competitors. Until Bigg Boss tells him to come off the platform, he must keep his chin firmly planted on the stand’s table. To remove him from the stand, the remaining competitors are free to bother him and do whatever they want to him. Yawar closed his eyes while standing on the platform.

All the competitors then doused him in water, cracked eggs over his face, and covered him in sawdust. He stuffed ice cubes in the rear of his pants and kept pouring water. However, he remained still, and his level of endurance was the greatest. He won the task and demonstrated his suitability to be a competitor while remaining still for an hour.

Shobha Vs Gautam

As Yawar demonstrated his worthiness inside the house, Bigg Boss then did the same for Shobha Shetty and Amardeep. Shobha Shetty then had extreme sadness over Gautham’s absurd claim that she was not a contender. She yelled at Gautam after that, and he yelled back. The argument progressed to the point that they engaged in physical combat. Gautam then removed his shirt and exposed his body.

Shobha echoed Gautam’s comment that he could shout even louder in her response. Everybody in the house made an effort to halt them because the pitch was high on peaks. Finally, Shobha left the room to put an end to the antics, but Gautam continued outdoors while raising the dumbbells in front of her. This sparked their conflict and increased the heat between them.

The game’s star performer, though, was Yawar, who once again demonstrated his deservingness and proved to be a formidable opponent. We must now wait and see what games Bigg Boss will assign to Shobha Shetty and Amardeep while they are in the house. Shivaji, incidentally, is furious at the one who took his power astra. Even Amardeep can handle the difficulty. Watch what transpires inside the house.

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