Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 18 Highlights: Shoba Rises, Amardeep Fails

Day 18 of Bigg Boss has begun, and it has undoubtedly been an exciting trip. The atmosphere in the room has become more heated, and the audience’s attention is focused specifically on this Astra issue. Yawar successfully completed the challenge of remaining upright on the stand for an hour and establishing his candidacy yesterday. Today, Bigg Boss offered Shoba Shetty and Amardeep, two additional contestants, chances.

Fiery Chicken Task For Shobha Shetty

Gowtham and Shobha Shetty got into a heated argument yesterday. When it came to the two contestants’ physical attributes, Gowtham said that she was unfit to compete. She outlasted him in the Kusthi match against the wrestlers, according to Shobha. Then Gowtham asserted that she lacked the authority to discuss his body. He yelled at her while removing his shirt, then grabbed up a large dumbbell and began working out in front of her. In the house, it was a little too much.

Shobha Shetty was then invited by Bigg Boss inside the activity room. There was a large dish in the room that had around 41 pieces. It’s the spiciest chicken; it’s not just regular chicken. A glass of water and a bottle of milk are also present. She must consume all the chicken pieces without consuming any milk or water if she wants to establish herself as a competitor in the house.

She was first hesitant because, up until this point, she hadn’t consumed so much spice. But she accepted the challenge and devoured each chicken piece one by one. She experienced a great deal of anguish, sobbed, and hopped around, but she never gave up. After successfully completing the assignment, Bigg Boss named her a contender for the job. While she bounced around joyfully, Gowtham’s face was lowered. She proved him wrong, and Shobha Shetty did an amazing job with this.

Amardeep Is Not Worthy

Then Bigg Boss contacted Amardeep and informed him that Priyanka had nominated him as the contender who was not fit for the job. He was given the assignment to chop his hair short by Big Boss. He wasn’t at all prepared to cut his hair because he loved it too much and didn’t want to. Then Bigg Boss offered Priyanka the chance and asked if she wanted to trim her hair. She then replaced Amardeep in the game after politely accepting it.

There will be a lot more fascinating events in the home in the near future, and we will probably have an Astra winner who will receive a three-week immunity period.

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