Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 21 Highlights: Damini Is Eliminated From The Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is currently on Day 21 and is in its last third of the season. It is one of the most intriguing seasons we have seen recently and has a very high TRP rating. Shobha Shetty is the third confirmed resident of the house as of yesterday, and there will be many more interesting events taking place there. On this Sunday Funday, let’s examine what has transpired in the house.

Bandha ho, a song from Jawan, was Nagarjuna’s entrance song for the Sunday Funday, and Nag Sir’s entry was excellent. Without further ado, Nag Sir turned on the Mana TV, and the housemates graciously welcomed the presenter.

Chitti Prashna Game

The game known as Chitti Prashna was first presented by Nagarjuna. The housemates must choose the color on which the needle stops by spinning the wheel in the house. In the home, Nag Sir asks the query after opening the paper.

Rathika, Teja, and Shivaji provided the household with the most amusing responses. It was a typical game that was a lot of fun.

RaPo In The House

RaP0 visited the home and advertised it as part of the Skanda movie’s promotion. They engaged in a game called Faceoff. The house is split into the teams Skanda and Ismart for this game.

The winner of the game is whoever receives the highest score. The presenter and RaPo congratulated Team Skanda for winning this game.

Damini Is Eliminated From The House

Subha Sree and Damini were the last two contestants. The Green and Red light game was played once more, and this time, Subha Sree received the Greenlight and Damini received the Red light, which resulted in her being kicked out of the house.

Three guys have already been granted immunity, now we need to see who will compete for that immunity and who will be up for nomination tomorrow. The nomination process will be tough. Let’s hope that the fourth week is just as exciting as the first three. Sunday Funday is over; see you tomorrow for more highlights.

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