Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 22 Highlights: Nominations In The Court Of Bigg Boss

The fourth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has begun, and Day 22 of the house has passed. Shobha Shetty is already known to be the third housemate, and Damini was booted out of the home the day before yesterday.

After Damini left the house, Priyanka experienced intense emotion, claiming that they shared a special emotional connection. The house returned to normal after that, and today is nomination day. Since these are the most intriguing nominations for this week, we now have to wait and see what happens inside the house.

Nominations In The Court Of Bigg Boss

This time, Bigg Boss offered some intriguing nominations. There will be three judges in the house for Bigg Boss’ court, and they are Shivaji, Sandeep, and Shobha Shetty.

The remaining competitors must choose two nominees by placing two people in the guilty bone, and they must provide good arguments for their selections. The participant will be nominated if the judges approve of the reasons given for the nominations; alternatively, if the judges disapprove of the nominations, the contestants will remain unaffected.

Highlights Of The Nominations

Priyanka and Tasty Teja were nominated by Prince Yawar. The conversation about feminism was started by Prince Yawar between himself, Shobha Shetty, and Priyanka. He claimed that they ignored him to demonstrate the feminist side of the house because he is a strong macho guy.

Even Priyanka and Shobha Shetty didn’t agree with the point. Shobha Shetty was adamant that she wouldn’t offer Yawar any opportunity this time after they talked about it for a while. Even Yawar had compelling arguments. In the end, the judges came to the conclusion that it was irrelevant.

Prince Yawar said in the Tasty Teja nomination that Teja’s medical condition prevented her from undertaking physical duties around the house. Both of them argued, and the judges determined that just the right point was in issue.

Subhasree nominated Rathika And Amardeep

There are six contenders included in the nominations: Gautham, Yawar, Subhasree, Teja, Rathika, and Priyanka. Subhasree and Gautham both received two votes on this list, but Teja received the vast majority of them due to her lack of participation in both the mental and physical duties.

Gautham vs. Prince. Prince and Gautham were the nominees with the most noteworthy performances. Yawar was nominated by Gautham, who complained about his attitude and showmanship inside the house.

Prince responded by saying he was only in the house to exhibit his attitude. The discussion then descended into chaos, and they nearly collided. It appeared as though they were going to collide. Then Judge Shivaji took control of the situation and reprimanded Yawar, sending him back. Shivaji made a wise decision.

Shivaji As The Top Judge

Shivaji was the brains behind all three of the judges in the house, and his manner of thinking, his way of asking questions, and his way of handling the issue were the highlights of the nominations. He remained the top judge in each of them.

This time, there are some difficult contenders in the nominations, so we must now wait and watch what happens over the weekend. Let’s wait and see what happens; I’ll see you then.

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