Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 23 Highlights: The Nominations In The House Continues

Day 23 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and the competition is getting rather intense. Sandeep Master, Shobha Shetty, and Shivaji will serve as the three judges of the house, according to Bigg Boss, who described the nominating process as a courtroom. The episode ended at the same location as the nominations that we witnessed yesterday between Yawar and Gautham. We’ll continue that inside the house today. Let’s investigate what occurred in the home.

Yawar and Gautham Fight Continues

According to Gautham, Yawar has disrespected him and it is crucial for him to uphold his self-respect, which is why he is nominated. The judges responded by calling it the most absurd justification for self-respect-based nominations. Then, during a discussion with the judges, Gautham claimed that Shivaji was reasoning like a lawyer rather than a judge. In the home, it was pouring severely, and everyone had their umbrellas in hand.

Gautham became irate and hurled the umbrella to the ground out of frustration. He kept talking even though the umbrella was in bits. Even the judges finished the judgment by making their good arguments. They nominated Yawar in the house after considering the strong points in his nomination. However, Gautham’s actions are drawing him inside the home. He has used some foul language in the house, which may have an impact on how he votes. Watch what transpires inside the house.

Prashanth, Gautham, and Rathika Fight

It was now Prashanth’s turn to handle the nominations. He put Gautham forward for yelling at Shobha Shetty and acting inappropriately with her by pulling off his shirt. In the home, he lectured that he objectified her, and he didn’t like that at all. Then Gautham defended himself by claiming that he didn’t objectify her. Then he questioned Prashanth whether he had also asked Rathika what these small clothes in the house were about.

Prashanth then said that she is his buddy, which is why he spoke to her in that manner. Immediately after that, Rathika reacted and said, “You can’t say that to me. You are not my friend, and I don’t even know you outside.” Prashanth was unaware that Rathika and Gautham were using him in this situation as a ruse. However, because of his compelling arguments, the judges chose to put Gautham in the house.

Then Gautham removed his shirt once more and began approaching the other residents to inquire about their opinions of his show-off. Really, Gautham’s behavior right now is out of control.

Subhasree And Amardeep Fight

Amardeep was nominated by Subhasree yesterday for failing to perform his duties around the home, improperly partaking in them, and favoring Priyanka. The judges later rejected the nomination and kept Amardeep from losing. However, Subhasree brought up the subject once more during dinner, and they got into a brief disagreement. Then Amardeep became enraged, flung the glass to the ground, and yelled that she was making him lose his composure even over dinner. He walked away after leaving the supper.

The Bigg Boss then granted judges the authority to designate one inhabitant of the house specifically. After some discussion among themselves, Teja was given a straight nomination by the judges. The nomination process is concluded, and voting has begun.

We’ll have another fascinating immunity task tomorrow. Check back tomorrow to see what transpires in the house.

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