Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 24 Highlights: Bank Heist Game Begins In The House For Immunity

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered Day 24 of the house, and to be completely honest, this Bigg Boss is quickly turning into one of the best seasons we have recently seen. During yesterday’s nominations, there were heated arguments in the house involving Yawar, Gautham, Prashanth, Rathika, Amardeep, and Subhasree. Another excellent nomination that we recently saw was this one. Today will mark the start of the two-week immunity game inside the house. Who will move into the next house permanently? Let’s examine what transpired in the house.

Bank Heist Or Bankers Game In The House

Bigg Boss has revealed the new game for the housemates, which includes a 2-week immunity period for bankers. The three permanent housemates in this game are Sandeep, Shivaji, and Shobha Shetty. They must take part in the duty as well because they are the bankers in the family.

The other housemates are only contestants who must collect money from bankers. The first person to the buzzer in the garden will advance to the next round of play. Whoever has the most coins in the house at the end of the task will be chosen as the final contestant for the immunity task. The contestants are free to employ any method in the home to obtain the coins; they can either steal or conceal the coins of other people.

Following the conclusion of the first round, Teja won the most coins with 51, followed by Yawar with 41, Amardeep with 41, Priyanka with 41, Rathika with 35, Prashanth with 34, Subhu with 31 and Gautham with 24.

All of the contestants rushed to the buzzer as it rang and pressed the button. Gautham suffered a minor injury in the process. However, after pressing the button, Amardeep divided the game into pairs. Amar and Gautham are a team that has advanced to the next round and will compete against Teja and Rathika in the game.

Smiley Challenge

The activity room will have a slippery slope during this game. The competitors must block the opposing team from moving closer to the yellow line and take a selfie while grinning. The task was hilarious, and it made the house a very fun place to be. Both teams put up a fierce fight, and Shobha ultimately had to select which team had taken the best and most images for the objective. Amar and Gautham were chosen as the challenge winners after Shobha carefully examined the images.

Teja and Rathika are currently forced to donate their cash after failing the mission. However, only one of Amar and Gautham can have more coins than the other.

Gautham has 75 coins, Rathika has 0, Teja has 0, Priyanka has 41, Subhasree has 31, Prashanth has 33, Amardeep has 76, and Yawar has 43.

The assignment will continue tomorrow, so let’s wait and watch who gains more coins and advances to the final task, as well as what occurs in the house.

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