Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 38 Highlights: Prashanth Loses His Captaincy

Day 38 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and we’ve seen some new contestants enter the house. Tasks are now being carried out amongst two groups inside the house. Things are definitely heating up in the home now that Gautham has returned from the hidden room and joined the new group. The tension now is on the Aatagaalu team after the new group dubbed Potugallu won the challenge of yesterday’s who is the fittest in the home. Check out today’s events in the house.

Who Is the Smartest In The House

When the housemates arrived in the activity room, Bigg Boss summoned them in and displayed some photographs to them. It’s comparable to an IQ test, and the winner is given the Genius label. Amardeep was a little apprehensive as Gautham and Amardeep faced off in this, and Gautham provided thoughtful responses. Teja then replaced Amardeep and squared off against Gautham in the house, and it was ultimately ruled that the Potugaalu team had won the match and earned the genius tag.

Prashanth Loses His Captiancy

Bigg Boss immediately contacted all of the housemates in the morning to inquire about Prashanth’s performance as captain and how a house captain should behave. Then everyone in the house voiced their opinions, and it was evident that the others weren’t pleased with Prashanth’s leadership. When Bigg Boss eventually asked Prashanth what the traits of a captain should be, Prashanth responded with his thoughts and an explanation of why he failed as captain.

Then Bigg Boss questioned the residents who weren’t happy with Prashanth’s leadership. He started crying, and all of the other residents raised their hands to show their sadness. What was more upsetting was Shivaji raising his hand and not assisting Prashanth with this task.

Color Color What Color

The contestants were then given another intriguing task inside the house by Bigg Boss. The housemates must ask Bigg Boss, “Bigg Boss, What Color?” After hearing a color, any two of them must immediately enter the house, pick up an object that matches that color, and keep it first.

This was such a comical assignment that Bigg Boss included some snarky comments in the game, and ultimately in this game, Aatagaalu team won the challenge. Whichever team gets the correct answers and has the most stuff will win the task.

Who Is The Strongest In The House

Bigg Boss assigned who the strongest person in the house is to a different assignment. The job requires the strongest members of one group to hold the rockets with ropes; the winner is the person who holds the rockets for the longest period of time without dropping them. Yawar, who gave Ambati Arjun a very tough challenge, lost the mission.

There will be a ton more entertaining, hilarious, and exciting games in the future. Keep checking for additional updates.

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