Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 39 Highlights: It is a tie in the contest

Day 39 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has passed, and yesterday we witnessed Bigg Boss assigning some intriguing tasks, such as “Who is the Genius,” “Who is the Strongest,” and “Color Color What Color,” wherein Potugaalu won two games and Aatagaalu won one. With three victories to their credit—only one of which was an aatagalu victory—the Potugaalu are currently in the lead. But the games have officially started today. Check out today’s events in the house.

Prashanth Gets Is Captaincy Back

We saw Bigg Boss remove Prashanth’s captaincy yesterday, and today, following a discussion and numerous requests from the housemates, Bigg Boss took their requests into consideration and restored Prashanth’s captaincy. He is now back in the house.

Shobha Gets The Punishment

We are all aware that the housemates are required to remove the luggage from HOL, which is being led by Ambati Arjun and Ashwini. Shobha, however, was unable to go without cosmetics, so she grabbed some from her bag and put some on. Then Bigg Boss instructed Arjun to punish her. After that, Arjun requested Teja give him one of his stinkiest T-shirts.

Arjun then gave Shobha the T-shirt and instructed her to put it on. She shouldn’t remove it before Arjun instructs her to. The game included fascinating and humorous elements.

Who Is The Smartest In The House

In this game, the competitors must square off for a special assignment that is. There are several images in the center, and Bigg Boss will both pose a question and reveal a hint about the film.

The player who correctly answers the most questions wins the round. Next, the competitors must take the photo and paste it on the board. The challenge was intriguing, and the Aatagaalu team easily won the task due to their evident dominance in the contest.

Who Is More Focused In the House

In the activity area are balls of various colors that are used in this game. The contestants must pick up a colored balloon and throw it through the air while picking up the nearby balls of the same color that are on the ground and placing them in a basket without dropping the balloon.

The winner of the game is whoever collects the most balls. The assignment was not just extremely difficult but also rather interesting. Aatagaalu won the job and tied the game in this game after a difficult battle. We must now wait and see if Bigg Boss will employ a tie-breaker or will instruct the contestants to select the top contestants to serve as the house’s captains. Check back tomorrow to see what transpires in the house.

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