Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 40 Highlights: Yawar is The Second Captain Of The House

The 40th day of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and things will undoubtedly improve inside the house. We witnessed the tie between Aatagaalu and Potugaalu yesterday. We must wait and see if Bigg Boss will maintain a tie-breaker game or who will be the captaincy contenders in the house as the game is currently 3 and 3. Today, a lot more events will take place in the house. Check out what occurred in the house.

Priyanka In Tears

There have already been numerous debates in the home over the scarcity of food. There were numerous talks, and they also tried to keep the food supply. However, no one was paying attention, and they continued to devour the food in excess. Finally, when no food was left in the house, they started accusing Priyanka of neglecting the ration. Priyanka then claimed that Yawar was eating the dish as she was complaining to him about it. He promised to inform Bigg Boss and put an end to the once-a-day dinner in the house.

She felt very depressed in the house and started crying because everyone was blaming her. She claimed that she couldn’t care for everyone in the house because it wasn’t her house; it was Bigg Boss’ house. She is worn out from working nonstop at home without a break.

The Tie-Breaker- Who Is The Best

Who is the best in the house was the final challenge that Bigg Boss offered the housemates to complete before determining the true winner. Aatagaalu vs. Potugaalu will compete in this match, and the rugby game must be played inside. The winner of the contest will be the person with the most goals scored by the conclusion.

The game was quite physically demanding, the equipment was rusty, and some injuries also occurred in the home. There have been some heated talks and passionate arguments in the home. Then Ashwini and Pooja got into a fight, screaming at each other throughout the home. Finally, following the lengthy struggle within the home. Aatagaalu demonstrated themselves to be the finest by winning the task, excelling at it, and becoming the best overall.

Yawar Is The Captain In The House

Aatagaalu emerged as the captaincy contender in this brand-new game. Around their waists, they are wearing tie balloons. But here’s the fun part: they have to decide who is the least deserving candidate for captain. When the buzzer sounds, Potugaalu must take the needle first before choosing one Aatagadu as the contestant to whom they must administer the needle.

After everyone had spoken their opinions, they each used their own needles to pop the balloons. The conflicted exchanges involved Teja, Amar, and Yawar. Then it was Teja’s time to choose a captain who was not deserving. Amar was distraught when Teja abruptly popped his balloon into the house. He had no idea what to expect in this turn.

The final game then began between Teja and Yawar. Next, it was Nayani Pavani’s chance to select the house captain. After giving it some more thought, she popped Teja’s balloon, making Yawar the new housemate. He acquired the position of house captain by working hard for it.

There will be many more exciting things around the house tomorrow. Nagarjuna will visit the residence and a review will take place there. Watch what transpires inside the house.

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