Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Day 41 Highlights: Subhasree Is Back In The House

Day 41 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is here, it’s Saturday, Nagarjuna is in the house, Yawar was promoted to second captain of the house yesterday, and things are becoming very heated. We must wait and watch what will transpire in the house because politics are currently raging there. Let’s discuss the specifics of the episode.

Teja and Shobha Go To A Date

There was an interesting chore in the home on the show from Friday. The lads must guess whose lipstick that is while the girls must kiss the T-Shirt. The correct guesser will receive a date with them. The most of them attempted it in the house, but Teja was the one to correctly anticipate the response. As a result, he was given a date with Shobha, with whom they had fun while dancing and singing in a romantic manner.

Nagarjuna’s Review In The House

In the very first episode of MaNa TV, Nagarjuna praised Amar for his incredible skill and urged him to keep getting better. He also asked for 100% commitment. The primary subject that followed was how Yawar’s attitude has altered in the house since taking over as captain.

Then, Yawar’s rudeness toward Amar and Sandeep was discussed by Nagarjuna. Yawar then clarified to the house and Nagarjuna that his intentions are to serve as a strict captain and nothing else; he is aware that there have been several complaints made against him within the house, but his goal is to serve as a good and strict captain. Be a competent house captain rather than a dictator, said Nagarjuna.

Aimless, Brainless, and Useless

Nagarjuna instructed the household to choose one member as the Aimless, Brainless, and Useless.

  • Arjun gifted Bhole Shavali Aimless.
  • Arjun received Brainless from Bhole Shavali.
  • Amar received Brainless from Gautham. When Gautham correctly predicted the answers in Who Is The Genius, he claimed it was hilarious, and Priyanka said Gautham’s attitude had also changed.
  • Because Ashwini is unable to comprehend the tasks and not the events in the house, Nayani offered her the book Brainless.
  • Nayani received Useless from Ashwini. It resembled a tit-for-tat game. It appeared a little goofy.
  • When Shivaji gave Amar Brainless and described the IQ game gaffe, everyone in the house laughed hysterically.
  • Because Ashwini did not comprehend the issue, Pooja handed him Brainless. Then Nagarjuna engaged Ashwini and Pooja in an arm wrestle. It was determined that Ashwini is the strongest person in the house in the Best of 3 competition.
  • Teja received Brainless from Prashanth.
  • Shobha Shetty received Brainless after Teja had yelled at him and the household once more.
  • Shobha Shetty then rated Ashwini Brainless for failing to comprehend the circumstances in the house.
  • Bhole Shavali received Aimless from Priyanka.
  • Regarding their physical altercation in the house, Yawar gave Amar Brainless.
  • Bhole Shavali received Aimless from Sandeep Master.
  • Bhole Shavali received Brainless from Amar.

    Now, Bhole must demonstrate to the household that he has a goal, and Amar and Ashwini must demonstrate their presence of brains.

    Subhashree, Rathika, and Damini Back In the House

    Nagarjuna added a new twist within the Bigg Boss house. Back in the home, Subhasree, Rathika, and Damini must remain in the garden house and solicit votes from the other residents. The winner will be the person who receives the most votes and will return to the house. The housemates chose Subhasree to return after they made their vote appeal. Subhasree returned home in this manner. However, Bigg Boss will choose when she enters the house again. Let’s wait and see.

    There will be an elimination in the house tomorrow, which will make things more intriguing. According to our rumors, Nayani Pavani was the one that was eliminated. Watch this space for additional developments.

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