Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 45 Highlights: Gulabi Vs Jilebi

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 45 has arrived, and there is a lot going on in the house. Yesterday, we saw some interesting and contentious nominations, and Bhole Shavali’s usage of foul language in the house was not even approved by Bigg Boss himself. Bigg Boss cautioned him that if he used foul language again, they would treat him seriously. Goutham also makes the most ridiculous nomination we’ve ever seen. He claimed that Shivaji is not playing the game correctly. But he should be aware that Shivaji’s condition is dire, which is why Bigg Boss sent him away for scanning. Let’s take a look at what happened in the house.

Gulabi Vs Jilebi

Gulabi Puram and Jilebi Puram are the two teams that make up the house. This is an entertainment task in which the housemates are assigned distinct duties. Shivaji is the President of both Gulabipuram and Jilebi Puram in this game. Shobha Shetty is the Sapranch of Gulabi Puram, while Teja is her ex-husband and the house’s ex-sarpanch.

Yawar is an NRI hoping to marry a Telugu girl, and Amar is the tea shop guy who gossips a lot. Pooja Murthy is a Telugu girl who falls head over heels for Arjun’s character. Gowtham is a Road Side Romeo with a crush on Shobha Shetty’s character.

Priyanka, the Sarpanch of Jilebi Puram, is a member of the Jilebi Puram team. Arjun is the Gunda of Jilebi Puram, and Prashanth works for him. Bhole Shavali is an astrologer who is usually meditating and only speaks when others approach him. Ashwini is the buzz of the town, and she is the most gorgeous girl in town, with many boys swarming about her in the house. Sandeep Master is the pan shop guy who spreads rumors throughout the home.

The Fun Task

The Task started in the house, and everyone got into character. The housemates provided some entertaining moments, gossip, and interesting character development. visitors have landed in the village of Gulabi and Jilebi Puram, however, and the villagers must impress the visitors. They must complete the tasks in order to do so. Whoever impresses the aliens will be the house captaincy contenders.

Balancing The Egg In The Task

Bigg Boss assigned an intriguing assignment in the house, requiring both team members to take an egg and balance it on the roller plate. They must cross the hurdles placed in the middle, and at each hurdle, another teammate awaits them. Whoever enters the activity room and collects the most eggs without dropping them wins the challenge. Jilebi Puram members took first place in this task.

Many more exciting things have occurred in the house. Let’s see what occurs tomorrow in the house. Stay tuned for additional updates, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite elimination contestants.

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