Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 43 Highlights: Sivaji Out Of The House

The eighth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is arrived, and a lot of exciting things are happening in the house. Nayani Pavani was evicted from the home yesterday, and a lot of interesting and shocking things transpired in the house as a result. We’ll let you in on a spoiler: Shivaji is not home. Watch what transpires in the house today.

Break The Pot Nominations In The House

The nominees for season 7 are for Break the Pot, and they are relatively similar to those for the previous year. Yes, the competitors must maintain the pot on top of a doll or other object before choosing a competitor and breaking the pot in front of their faces. Many intriguing events have taken place since the participants were invited to the garden area. Shivaji was summoned to the confessional by Bigg Boss before to the nominations starting in the house.

Everyone then believed that there would be a covert task or something like. But Bigg Boss insisted that Shivaji must leave the house. After accepting Bigg Boss’ decision, Shivaji appeared in the garden area and announced that he was leaving the house. Since Shivaji and all the housemates had a strong emotional connection, the competitors sought to stop him. Even Prashanth, Shobha Shetty, and Yawar wept for Shivaji, but he had to leave, so he did so peacefully and joyfully.

But he returned to the residence after a half-hour. He recently stepped outside to check on his hand, which has been giving him a lot of trouble over the past two weeks. Bigg Boss advised getting better care. He had a large plaster on his hand when he arrived, and it was suggested that he give the hand extra rest.

Nominations Process

Yawar cannot be nominated in the house because he is the captain of the house. Bhole Shavali received the most nominations for the house because of his ineffectiveness and lack of participation.

There have been significant altercations in the home between Sandeep and Prashanth, Teja and Shobha, Bhole and Shobha, Ashwini and Pooja, and others. As the night wore on, the nominations were announced. Stay tuned for more spirited debates and more nominations that will break the rules in the house as the program will be split into two parts. Keep checking for further updates

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