Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 57 Highlights: Dragon Snake Nominations In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 57 has arrived, marking the ninth week in the house. Yesterday, we saw Sandeep Master get eliminated from the house, and the housemates were emotional in the house, especially Shivaji, who felt that putting Sandeep in nominations by the contestants was the wrong move in the house, and that’s why he got eliminated. Shobha, in particular, sobbed a lot following his expulsion in the house. Today, since things must progress in the house, we must go through the nominations once more, and this time the Bigg Boss house has arranged for a new form of nominations in the house. Let’s take a look at what happened in the house.

Poisonous Nominations In The House

In this nominations, there is a large snake-like doll in the garden area, and the contestant who they want to nominate must state their reasons, and then the nominated contestant must go and stand in front of the snake, and the snake will directly hiss out the color on their face. It represents Snake hissing out the poison in the same way as the contender is venting their rage on the other contestant in the house.

The nominations in the house were somewhat dull. Prashanth and Amar nominated each other for ridiculous reasons once more. Prashanth proposed that Amar be removed from the captaincy race. While Amar withdrew with another ridiculous nomination and stated that he has support in the house.

In the house, Priyanka, Rathika, and Shobha had some amusing cat fights. The ladies appear to be aiming for themselves in the mansion. They should be aware that the bulk of the housemates are boys, not female. So instead of cat fighting, cats should encourage each other in the house and focus on others.

Teja nominated Arjun in a more amusing manner than he did Sandeep Master. It was hilarious in the house. That was the only thing that worked in the house. There was only one major fight in the house, which occurred between Yawar and Ashwini. Otherwise, nothing has happened in the house.

Nominated Contestants In The House

Priyanka, Yawar, Shobha, Teja, Amardeep, Arjun, Bhole, and Rathika are among the nominees. Now we have to wait and watch who will be evicted from the house. Because there is a greater likelihood of double elimination in the house this week.

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