Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 56 Highlights: Nagarjuna Fire On The Contestants

Today is Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 56, and we will see Nagarjuna unleash his wrath on the housemates. This is the Saturday weekend episode, and things have really heated up in the house. Let us wait and watch what occurs in the house.

Nagarjuna Praises Gowtham For His Gameplay

First and foremost, Nagarjuna went straight to MaNa TV and congratulated Gowtham on being captain of the house, praising him for his gameplay and congratulating him. Nagarjuna also lauded Arjuna for being a wonderful captain in the house, and both Gowtham and Arjun have had a terrific week.

Nagarjuna Fires On Shobha and Yawar

Nagarjuna Shobha and Yawar were targeted. When Bhole remarked to Shobha, Nagarjuna asked whether she could Erragada. So why did she give Pichoda to Yawar? Shobha continued to argue that Yawar made up a ridiculous excuse to remove her from the captaincy competition. Even Nagarjuna unloaded on Yawar for acting like a maniac and scolded him for ruining Bigg Boss property yet again, saying his behavior in the house isn’t good.

Nagarjuna also clarified whether Yawar referred to Shobha as Hitler or not. It was established that Yawar did not employ Hitler against Shobha. Instead, he used the phrase “Did I rule like Hitler in the house?” Was he pointing at himself? No way, Shobha. Nagarjuna tore Shobha and Yawar’s flags. We hope this serves as a wake-up call for both of them. Because they both keep ranting and don’t listen to anyone.

Nagarjuna takes clarification from Teja

During one game, Teja made fun of Amardeep, which enraged Shobha, and they got into a fight. Teja clarified that he meant no insult to Amardeep and said it in a more humorous tone. Nagarjuna wants Teja to play the game harder, so he breaks his flag.

Nagarjuna Fires On Amardeep

Amardeep, according to Nagarjuna, played a bad game in the house. During the first assignment, Float or Sink, he urged Shobha and Priyanka to assist him, and they did so, which Nagarjuna noticed. Following that, Nagarjuna stated that Amardeep had acted inappropriately with Prashanth and had also kicked the chair. This week, his performance was atrocious, and Nagarjuna smashed the flag.

Nagarjuna Lauded Prashanth

Nagarjuna commended Prashanth on a fantastic performance in the house. He is astonished by Prashanth’s skill to arrange the cubes in 9 seconds and to forgive the individuals in the house. This time, he didn’t damage Prashanth’s flag.

Nagarjuna Fires On Rathika

Nagarjuna told Rathika that she wasn’t playing the game correctly. She has to concentrate on the game now because no one in the house gets a second shot, and she has to prove herself. Nagarjuna was on point, and she should concentrate on the game rather than giving people explanations and dwelling on the past.

Nagarjuna takes clarification from Shivaji

Nagarjuna played a video of Shivaji threatening to leave the house by striking someone. Then Nagarjuna sought clarity on this. According to Shivaji, the housemates are acting in a dual role, uttering foul words in the home while acting differently in front of Nagarjuna. When Nagarjuna questioned who those people were, Shivaji replied that he would reveal their identities within the next week if they did not improve their game and behavior. He did not destroy Shivaji’s flag.

Nagarjuna praised Ashwini for her outstanding performance in the home. Nagarjuna also commended Priyanka on her outstanding performance in the house. Nagarjuna wanted Bhole Shavali to play the better game, but he didn’t break Bhole’s flag. Nagarjuna also commended Arjun on a fantastic game performance and suggested that Arjun point out Amar’s faults in the game.

Nagarjuna Fires On Sandeep Master

Sandeep Master is referred to as the Bongolu Dancer by Nagarjuna. He didn’t enjoy how he had been using foul language around the house, and his gameplay had also slowed this week, which had a significant impact on him. Nagarjuna advised Sandeep not to make the same mistake again and warned everyone in the house not to use foul language.

That concludes today’s episode. Tomorrow will be exciting, as there will be elimination. According to our sources, Sandeep Master was the one who was kicked out of the residence.

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