Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 60 Highlights: Lions Vs Tigers Continues

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 60 has arrived, and with just a few weeks remaining in the house, tensions are increasing, and the next few weeks will be interesting, humorous, dramatic, and exhilarating all at the same time. We watched the Lions vs. Tigers game in the house yesterday, and the same will happen today. Many exciting games will take place in the game. Let’s see what occurs today at the house.

Catch The Balls Again

The housemates were called into the garden area at the start of the assignment, and just like yesterday, they had to collect the balls that fell from a pipe, but this time there were no disruptions or physical injuries in the game.

The housemates played the game neatly, collecting the balls and safely storing them, while some of them hid the balls in other places of the house.

The Second Task In The House

In the second activity, two members from each team must play the game again, precisely as they did yesterday. There is a slope in the game with four holes at the bottom. One teammate must remain at the top of the slope, while the other must bust open a wooden chamber containing a pouch with sticks.

Arjun and Amar from the Tigers team and Gowtham and Shobha from the Lions team took part in the game. Bhole and Ashwini are the game’s sanchalaks. Arjun and Gowtham rapidly smashed the wooden chamber and extracted the pouch. The sticks had to be inserted into the holes by sliding down the slope, which Amar and Shobha had to perform. It was a tough battle, but Amar prevailed.

Amar hugged Shivaji and cried his heart out after winning the challenge. After the tigers won the job, Bigg Boss asked if they wanted to eliminate one opponent or swap 500 balls. The Tigers team then resolved to swap 500 balls, which they accomplished.

Black Ball Magic

The lions team discovered a black ball during the morning work. They had no idea it had extraordinary abilities. They have the ability to swap a stronger opponent from the opposing team for a lesser opponent from their own squad. Following some deliberation among the housemates, it was agreed that Arjun will be exchanged with Bhole Shankar. The tigers were dealt a double blow in the house. They’ve already lost Prashanth, and now they’ve lost Arjun.

Clearly, the Tigers squad was not pleased, and some squabbles ensued in the house over this problem. There will be another challenge tomorrow, as well as the captaincy selection. Stay tuned for additional information.

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