Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 59 Highlights: Lions Vs Tigers

Today is Day 59 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, and yesterday saw a lot of dramatic nominations take place in the house. As of right now, Bigg Boss has some intriguing and thrilling challenges planned for the competitors to complete in order to advance to the captaincy contender stage and win the title of captain. Watch what transpires in the house this afternoon.

Teja In A Lady Getup

following the duty of treating the women like royalty. Bigg Boss instructed the housewives to dress Teja like a female. The women then joined in the fun and transformed Teja into a girl.

He did appear different, and he made the most of his costume by playing with the women in the house. Things are becoming fascinating now that they are getting into the task. Watch what transpires inside the house.

Lions Vs Tigers

The house has divided into two teams, Veera Simhalu and Garjinche Pullulu, for the captaincy contenders’ job, which has begun. They are Arjun, Amar, Prashanth, Shivaji, Ashwini, and Priyanka in the Veera Simhalu. They are Yawar, Goutham, Shobha, Bhole, Teja, and Rathika in the Garjinche Pululu team.

The housemates’ first objective is to capture the eggs that emerge from the conduit. A golden egg will be awarded to the person who collects the most eggs, giving them an edge in the house. At the conclusion of the assignment, the quantity of eggs will be counted, and they will also receive an advantage. The job was engaging and thrilling, and every housemate—including Shivaji—participated and performed brilliantly.

The Second Task

Bigg Boss presented an intriguing job for the second task. Every group in this job will have two players engaging in the game.

While the others must navigate the obstacles and insert it into the tire, one of them must blow the balloons. The tiger teams have orange balloons, and the lions squad has yellow ones. Teja and Yawar took part in the task and played the game. Prashanth and Arjun were on the Lions team.

After fierce competition between the two of them, it was ultimately determined that Teja and Yawar had won the challenge. One competitor may be eliminated by them from the squad. They then reached a consensus among themselves to remove Prashanth from the squad.

There will be more fascinating chores around the house tomorrow, and they’ll be exciting and fascinating. There might even be some secret tasks. Thus, keep checking back for updates.

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