Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 86 Highlights: Ticket To Finale Tasks Begin In The House

Day 86 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and yesterday we witnessed the contentious nominations within the house, demonstrating that the SPA batch has specifically targeted Shivaji Prashanth and Yawar. From now on, a lot of fascinating things will take place in the house. Watch what transpires in the house this afternoon.

The Ticket To Finale Tasks Begin In The House

Bigg Boss summoned all of the housemates to the garden area, where the ticket to the house’s finale was hidden. Each task will earn the housemates points, and the person with the highest total at the end will receive the ticket to the final task.

Skipping the dial was the first job. The housemates must perform this assignment while standing on a box with a large rotating dial. They must bypass it and gradually increase the dial’s speed. The first person to go is the one eliminated.

Everyone performed brilliantly, and Priyanka and Arjun engaged in the decisive fight. As the dial increased in speed, Priyanka collapsed upon the pavement. She was checked out by every housemate, and everything was well. Arjun prevailed in this game.

Collect The Flowers

Several flowers that are preserved in the activity room are used in this exercise. The housemates must rush inside the activity room when the buzzer sounds, gather the flowers, and by the time the buzzer goes off, whomever has the most flowers will have completed the challenge. Prashanth won this challenge by gathering more flowers than everyone else.

Shobha and Shivaji were the least at the end of the endeavor. Bigg Boss then ordered them to offer their flowers to a household member. Afterward, they both agreed to give Amar their flowers.

There will be a lot more fascinating events in the house. Watch this space for additional developments.

Grab The Balls Task

The roommates’ job is to drag the ball with the ring from the center, where it is maintained. The first player to touch the ball will score more points.

In this game, Arjun won the assignment first, followed by Prashanth, Yawar, Priyanka, and Amar in the final battle, where Priyanka prevailed and Amar finished last.

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