Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 88 Highlights: The Ticket To Finale Tasks Get More Tougher

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 88 is here, and during the course of yesterday, we witnessed a few intriguing house challenges that are part of the ticket to finale challenge. Amar is currently leading the table, and yesterday Priyanka was ousted from the game due to a low point total, causing a split between the three best friends. There are now some more fascinating jobs being completed around the house. Let’s examine the events of today in the house.

Escape From The Tunnel

Amar, Prashanth, Arjun, Yawar, and Gowtham are the final five players in the game. These individuals will fight each other inside the house. The object of this game is to excavate a short, sand-filled tunnel through which the competitors must escape. Their one leg is chained, which is another intriguing detail.

As soon as the buzzer went off, the competitors started to dig up the tunnel. Prashanth started first, going to the other side where he located the key, freed the chain, and rang the bell. Arjun finished last in this particular game. Yawar had fewer points in the game after completing the objective, and he was eliminated. Subsequently, Bigg Boss requested that anyone in the house receive half of his points. Yawar then selected Prashanth, who raced up to the second position in the game exactly like Prashanth did.

Guess The Things With Touch

Another intriguing assignment was given by Bigg Boss. The four candidates will be blindfolded and will have a little tray-type object with several items placed in front of them. The winner of the game is the one who makes the most predictions. The challenge was entertaining and humorous, and Amar emerged victorious. At that point, Yawar and Shivaji began to suspect that Amar had somehow overheard things mentioned by his buddies. After that, Amar was depressed since everyone in the house began to question him whenever he won the game.

Everyone has the opportunity to win the ticket to the conclusion in this highly intriguing ticket to finale game. We shall find out the identity of the first Bigg Boss Season 7 finalist by tomorrow. Keep checking back for additional developments.

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