Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 15 Highlights: Foamy Nominations

The third week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has passed, and the previous two weeks have been quite the adventure. Shakeela left the house on the Sunday Funday episode from yesterday. Due to their strong attachment to her, the roommates experienced intense emotion, and the entire audience also felt intense emotion.

After the conclusion of the Sunday Funday show, nominations can once again be made on Monday. For the past few seasons, Bigg Boss has been paying attention to the open nominations trend. Nominations have only been kept open, with the exception of the first week of the house. Let’s now review what occurred in the house today.

Foamy In the Nominations

The housemates were summoned to the garden area by Bigg Boss, who invited them to take part in the nominations. The person being nominated must have foam applied on their face by the other housemates. Shivaji and Sandeep Master are exempt from nomination since they have immunity and astra power, and they also possess a unique power that will be made known to you shortly.

Major Highlights Of The Nominations

The nomination of Subhasree by Shobha Shetty was one of the nominations’ big highlights. According to Shobha Shetty, Subhasree is not helping out around the house with any tasks, only playing safe games. Amardeep and Rathika both made the same observation, and it has been mentioned by both of them. The most notable nomination was even Amardeep’s for Subhasree. He claimed that Subhsree is not carrying out any housework at all.

The Prashanth and Teja nomination for funniest were. Teja claimed that Prashanth was having trouble following the instructions given to him by Bigg Boss. The counter was then launched by Prashanth with serious intent, but it ended up being a humorous element of the nominations that made us all chuckle.

Rathika and Subhasree got into some heated arguments. Even though it was a minor altercation, they did argue. Otherwise, all of the nominations were really uninteresting and repetitive.

Twist In The Tale

The nominees in the house are Tasty Teja, Rathika, Subhasree, Damini, Yawar, and Gautam Krishna. Due to their immunity, Bigg Boss then granted Shivaji and Sandeep an extraordinary power. They are able to replace any nominee with any other player in the competition. After much consideration, Shivaji and Sandeep switched Tasty Teja for Amardeep. That concludes the nominations made in the house. Please cast your vote for your preferred competitors while the voting lines are active.

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